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'Stepping stone 8' interview lesson

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucSki, May 21, 2012.

  1. LucSki

    LucSki New commenter

    After muchtrawling through the internet I have found this... Can someone tell me if it is correct??
    Also which stepping stone would be the 8th?! Does it just mean the ELG's for end of foundation stage.
    So confused x
  2. LucSki

    LucSki New commenter

    I think I'm nearly answering my own question but need some reassurance!
    Do they just mean: 8. Uses developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems.
    as this is on all 3 strands (shape etc/calculating/numbers) and the only thing I can find with a number 8 next to it!! ALthough it is an ealry learning goal and not a stepping stone.. does this meake a difference? Bah.
  3. Hi, the document you linked to is out of date now. The only current document I can think of with an 8 across all the strands of PSRN is the profile, so I think they must mean that. It doesn't matter too much as it is the same statement anyway. I have never heard anyone call scale points 'stepping stones'!
  4. LucSki

    LucSki New commenter

    Thank you for your reply...
    Yes, the terminology being out of date has really thrown me!
    Do you think I should ask the school to clarify or would this look too cheeky?!
    So I guess I have to do something based on problem solving..!
  5. Stepping Stones were how the development matters were referred to many many years ago.
    I'd assume that they were asking you to do a lesson on problem solving with a focus on any aspect of maths (shape, space, measure, number or calculating)
    Good luck with this one :)
  6. LucSki

    LucSki New commenter

    Thanks so much.. Im going to need all the luck in the world..
    So helpful to have some reassurance that I'm not going mad and out of touch!
    I will let you know how I get on!

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