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Stepping back onto the career ladder.

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Lucilla90, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Lucilla90

    Lucilla90 Occasional commenter

    Is it possible to step back onto the ‘career ladder’ once one has stepped off?

    Having been a successful HOD until a few years ago,when changes in my role ( and some unfair treatment) meant I lost direction.

    There have never been any capability issues, but I have done supply for a while now whilst regrouping. I feel ready to get back into the profession, it seems impossible to get a permanent teaching role due to age, perceived cost etc..etc....

    Would any head ever consider someone in such a position for a SLT role?
  2. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    There have been many changes in the few years you have been doing supply and away from being a HOD.

    Consider this - you are the headteacher of a school and you've advertised for a SLT role. You are likely to have several applications for this post. Any colleague academic, pastoral or both having recent successful and present experience of leading departments or year teams applies for the role.

    As it stands your application is going to be difficult. This is because of market forces - simply the level of demand and high quality candidates who have more experience will be shortlisted.

    Looking at your situation, if you have been a successful HOD and rebuilt your confidence, then progress your career with successful results as a permanent post as teacher leading to HOD. This is so you can put plenty of distance and success between what you deem unfair treatment to showing your calibre. That way you demonstrate the ultimate ability to overcome adversity, which absolutely can show your capacity to be in SLT in future.
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  3. Lucilla90

    Lucilla90 Occasional commenter

    Thank you @Trendy Art . I wasn’t quite clear..after my HOD role changed, I moved to a class teacher role before supply, which I have only been doing for a few months. So I am up to date.

    As I said, no capability or anything like that. I agree, I will need to get another job first. Not easy.
  4. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    IMO you would be lucky to walk straight back into an HoD role unless you offer a shortage subject, regardless of age. More likely that you would go back into a department and grow towards HoD again.

    What age range, subject and sector?

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