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Step Up to English AQA

Discussion in 'English' started by jadejeffery, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. jadejeffery

    jadejeffery New commenter

    Just looking into re-designing Year 9 Curriculum for lowest achievers- get them a certificate before the fun of GCSE starts. Has anybody delivered the Step Up course and if so, any tips/hints/ideas?

    Thanks in anticipation!
  2. lineandsinker

    lineandsinker New commenter

    I did last year in the PRU I worked in. Look carefully at the units offered - I selected ones which would appeal most to the students who were completing the course.

    Also, make sure you have lots of resources prepared from lots of different types of texts / media to have to hand as well.

    The AQA SOW for the different units are a good starting place - I didn't stray too much from those, if I'm honest.

    Apologies if this advice isn't particularly useful!

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