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Discussion in 'Personal' started by angiebabe, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    Anyone watching this? It is written by Ruth Jones of Gavin & Stacey fame. It's based in Wales again and is so funny. The characters are hilarious from the lady undertaker who likes 'role play' games with her husband to the lollipop man who has been in love with Stella since they were at school. There is also an old undertaker whose speech is not understandable,as if he has had a stroke but everyone in the village understands exactly what he is saying. Stella's boyfriend is positively gorgeous so all in all a very recommended watch.
  2. Excellent series...although most of the locations are used in another Welsh drama called "Baker Boys" which is also very enjoyable.
    I love Dai and Paul...the dirty ***. :¬))
  3. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

  4. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    I love this programme! My other half is Welsh and claims he knows someone like every one of the characters - I haven't asked about the role-playing [​IMG]

    He has also taken to calling me "presh" which I don't like so much [​IMG]
  5. Please tell me your real name is Nardiney. :¬))
  6. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    If only it was that classy [​IMG]
  7. I have enjoyed it but its on at odd times isn't it?
    Has it finished now?
    I've set to record it but nothing seems to have been recorded this past week.
  8. I love this programme but have only managed to see a few episodes. I'm sure it will be repeated on some channel. I'm welsh and find the humour hilarious! I hope there is a second series in the pipe line. Well done Ruth Jones.
  9. Thanks, Noja.
    will try to see it this week.

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