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'Stay logged on'

Discussion in 'English' started by PETERPIPER, May 25, 2011.

  1. Should you be concerned about what? Genuine q. I have no idea what you would find concerning about this request.
  2. I probably shouldn't add this, but I will. Having looked at your other posts, I gather you are a parent, not a teacher. You seem to have made lots of posts which question the conduct / actions of your child's school and teachers. Most of your posts begin with you being unhappy about quite minor things - 'outside of test marked 2 marks higher than inside of test - is this cheating?' 'child asked to stay logged on - should I be worried?'
    This is the bit I have reservations about typing, but I will do, because I worry that if you keep questioning things that are in the hands of qualified professionals then your child's teachers will soon pick up on the fact that you don't seem to have much trust in them. Parents that seem to keep finding concerns about rather small things can cross the line from seeming interested and supportive to being downright critical and hard to work alongside. As another poster said, I do think yoyu need to relax a bit - or home school. The fact that you've joined a teacher's forum without actually being a teacher is pushy, in my book!
  3. PS I notice from your other posts that you tend to find faults with / worry/ have concerns about quite a few areas of your child's schooling and his teachers. I'd be careful of coming across as pushy / overtly critical to those teachers, as that's how your posts seem to me. The fact that you aren't a teacher but have joined a teaching forum to post questions about the conduct of your son's teachers indicates that you do not trust the school or the teacher's professional judgements.
  4. POsted twice as it didn't seem to work first time. Same sentiments though.
  5. I'm concerned because son has already said that words have been added to his mock which enhance the text, he has also said that he was told what to write for all of one piece of coursework.

    I would have though that once the work was printed off, then the child would be expected to close down and log off.

    If he'd written his paper, would it be photocopied in case one copy got lost?

    If two copies were required why not just get him to print off two, rather than one after the exam and maybe one later?
  6. Peter - sorry posted last post before I saw your others.

    I agree with your assessment of myself to a degree; teacher, no. Concerned, yes. Pushy no. I ask questions on here because I tend to get a straight forward answer, even if people disagree, which you will realise you can give me as an anonymous person, that you couldn't say in real life. I prefer this to the politically correct answer you may have to give if we met face to face.

    Most of the responses I have received on here help me support my son, the majority don't even make their way back into his school

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