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Statutory Guidance on Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers in England..

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by quality_street, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    After reading the above document , I have a few questions.
    Can any "1 term stint" of supply or direct school employment count towards induction, even if the contract is < 1? (ie 0.5, 0.4, 0.6 etc)
    The guidance doesn't seem to say for sure.
    Paragraph 2.35 says the minimum time period is "one term of more". It does not say that this must be full time. It also says that (2.36) that "an NQT may server their induction in one, two, three or more institutions". It would be impossible to serve it in more then 3 institutions if you completed 1 term (or equivalent for part time).
    The only section which the guidance discusses part time is in section 2.42 onwards "Determining the length of the induction period". It seems to me you could in theory serve your induction in umpteen different institutions (eventually) provided each contract was at least 1 real term in length. Is this is correct? If not, how can you serve it in more then 3 institutions? If you can do it in umpteen different schools, is there anywhere this is in black and white for when the LA disagree (as I am sure they will)?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. One more question, what exactly is one term?
    Is it a standard school term (ie Janruary - April), or the number of days equivalent (even if its part time)?

  3. Yes, the job has to last for at least 1 school term but can be part time, so if your job was 0.5 it would take 2 years to complete induction.
    Technically it would be possible (though exceptionally unlikely and logistically impossible for an individual I think) to complete induction in one year in 5 different schools at the same time working 1 day per week in each school. Some NQTs do complete induction in two different schools at the same time (and this could be in two different LAs) with one school/LA taking the role of lead school/LA for the purposes of paperwork.
    Yes you can complete a cumulative induction in different schhols, as you say IF the contracts are for at least 1 term in each school. The LAs have a duty to keep records and pass these on should you move LAs
  4. The term is determined by the length of the term in the school in wich you start induction. It is a standard school term, the school year is 195 days so roughly 65 days per term.
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The TDA website has a downloadable induction calculator to work out part time induction periods and timings. Part time induction posts can be difficult to find as release time and courses also have to be factored in therby adding to employment costs- it also extends the period of induction over a much longer time.
  6. Thanks again James its much appreciated.
    When my GF started her current placement (0.5) the LA would only start induction if the role was going to last 1 term pro rata. ie they wanted it to go from the start of December until May sometime, so I guess 2 terms in real time.
    So, I guess they are wrong in demanding this?
    Just to clarify my understanding. A term in "real terms" last 65 days.
    So, an NQT could start a job at the beginning of December at 0.5. Provided this lasted for 65 working days (ie around mid march). This can be counted towards induction. However, in this instance the NQT would only get 32.5 days towards their induction of 195 (or 65 if you look at it as 380 days).
    And it does NOT have to be a term pro rata'd like the LA have implied?
    My first post , I think you misunderstood a little. What I meant was,could an NQT do 0.1 in 1 school for 65 days (only getting 11 or so days towards induction I imagine) then repeat this sequentially in a different school, and go on etc etc. So it would probably take them 5 years in real time to complete induction.
    Thanks again

  7. Thanks, just looked at that. Will come in useful. I guess I should not read anything into the fact it only has 4 teaching posts on it?

  8. Hi
    Sorry I lost the thread for a day or so. The ruling is that the post must last for at least a term. BUT this does not mean, for example, idf the post is a 0.5 post in real time that means two terms. An inductable post can be part or full time. So if the post was contracted for 1 term, but they only worked 0.5 they would have half a term towards induction.
    I did get this confirmed by the TDA some time ago. I've dredged up their reply and, verbatim from the TDA e-mail to me they state:
    "we have sought clarification from DCSF with regards to the correct meaning of paragraph 2.35 of the Statutory Guidance. Correspondence has been sent to all Induction Coordinators as to the correct meaning. The correct meaning in the regulations and the guidance is that the NQT has to be contracted for a minimum of one term or more (based on an institution operating a 3 term academic year, otherwise it's the equivalent, i.e. 2 terms where the academic year comprises 6 terms). This applies to both full time NQTs and Part time NQTs. In other words regardless of whether the NQT is employed on a part time or full time basis they must be employed for at least a term, for induction to count."
    Your scenario then for taking 5 years to complete induction is technically possible but not something I would advise.
  9. This is correct and it's worth noting that if a Head does not register the NQT it cannot be backdated, even if they have been in a post that does qualify for induction.
    This is not correct, the minimum is one calendar term, regardless of whether the post if full time or part time (see my post with the TDA/DCSF clarification).
  10. Thanks very much James, thats excellent news.
    Looks like that 0.5 job rang her current school today and the closing date was yesterday. I assume for a reference.
    Looking positive...
  11. Another question on this issue please.

    I have just resigned from my part-time NQT position after a period of one term (part-time) and 39 working days in total. My main reason for resigning was voice strain, but it was also behaviour management problems partly exacerbated by my voice, but also by a very unsupportive, even bullying, induction tutor. The Head agreed that he would give me a satisfactory reference for a future jobs.

    On Friday, two weeks after leaving, I received out of the blue a highly critical interim NQT induction assessment stating that my progress is a cause for concern and I am unlikely to meet the core standards. I am now extremely concerned that this will prevent me from getting a satisfactory reference. I have protested that an interim review at this stage is invalid as they can only be issued after the end of the first assessment, and also that my time at the school does not count towards my induction period as it was not one term full time equivalent, as I was advised by my Supply Agency (this is contrary to your advice above).

    Is there any way I can stop this school from registering this critical and unfair assessment? I would be much better off starting again. Many thanks.
  12. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Induction terms do not have to correlate with school terms.
    To be registered on induction it has to be known at the outset that the school intends to be employing you until at least a term's length later (any point in one school term until at least the same point in the next, based ona 3 term school year).
    Of course, if a p/t post only lasts one school term (or equivalent mid-term to mid-term), and no other p/t Induction was being undertaken at the same time ina nother school, you would leave with insufficient service for an Induction term to be signed off and would be back to square one for that Induction term.
    They make schools register p/t NQTs for Induction because the placement might be extended beyong a term's length, allowing an Induction term to be served. If you are not registered at the start and end up serving a term's length, they cannot backdate registration and the opportunity to 'bank' an Induction term is lost, despite having taught for enough time to complate a term.
    technically you can be on Induction at more than 3 schools if some don't end up with a completed Induction term due to insufficient service.
    No. If on 0.5 the NQT would need to serve the equivalent of 2 school terms in the same school for one Induction term to be signed off.
    No. They can keep moving school (within the 16 month supply limit) but can't transfer incomplete Induction terms to other schools. Working 0.1 over a school term and then leaving would mean no Induction paperwork and starting from scratch at the next school.
    If working 0.2 (1 day per week) the employment would have to last the equivalent of 5 school terms for one Induction term to be completed. Leave before serving that length of time and the service cannot be added to at another school to complete the Induction term.

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