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status on GTTR track

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by lisamj82, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Just logged into track (like I do umpteen times a day!) And my decision column for primary post grad at strathclyde has changed to "stop"
    It says "pending exam grades / fee status" under the "choices" section.does anyone know what this means? Are they offering me an interview once they have clarified my grades? Going out of mind speculating and can't call them until tomorrow! Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. STOP means the university needs more time to consider your application. Since it says pending exam grades / fee status I imagine they're either:

    (1) Waiting for Gove and the DfE to announce places for 2011
    (2) Require information from you regarding your status as a UK National or EU student etc.

    As for exam grades, I'm not quite sure. If you've already graduated they may wish to see your degree script.
    A letter should be winging it's way towards you.
  3. Thanks! I'm currently studying int 2 maths so maybe that's what proof they need? I'll just have to sit tight at my letter box!
  4. My status changed to this today as well - I received a letter from Strathclyde last week saying I have an interview on 3rd March. Hopefully this means the same for you. x
  5. Stop normally means they are taking more time to look at applications - however, you should phone and ask - it shows you're keen.
    Regarding the previous reply - Gove doesn't have anything to do with it. University places and indeed education is devolved in Scotland so the Tory's don't have a say (thanks goodness).

  6. After having a word with someone today its because the universities have a deadline to inform someone, after that deadline you automatically rejected so you can get seen to by your second choice. The person in charge of applications obviously need more time and they put stop to freeze your application to them so you don't get automatically rejected.

    I have been waiting since oct for my secondary PGDE and yesterday got the same option. I had phoned up on monday asking and my course is still not expecting decisions for at lest a week. The reason I think is generic as I completed my degree a year ago and I can't apply for funding myself until if im lucky to get a place. Nothing to worry about simply them making sure that your application is safe.
  7. Thanks guys,
    I called them this morning and got the same response as natsv above. They also said there were lots of applications still to go through and the faculty had started returning unsuccessful applications too.I guess we've done all we can and it's just a waiting game now! Good luck to you all.
  8. I got the same thing from GTTR this morning about a Delayed Decision reason: Pending Exam grades / fee status.

    Does anyone have the number for Strathclyde primary admissions? I've had a look but cant seem to find it on the website?
  9. I've heard a few people say its the same as last year - around 140 - but can't say for sure.

    Ahhh this waiting is driving me crazy!
  10. I meant the telephone number for the admissions office. Haha!
  11. Ha sorry! The number is 0141 950 3224
  12. Thanks for the number. I was about to phone them today when a letter came through the door - I have an interview on the 4th March [​IMG]
  13. congratulations! I called them yesterday and I have an interview too. yay! [​IMG]
  14. Hi,
    My status on track has not changed yet I received a letter this morning inviting me for interview in March (Strathclyde). This was my second choice and Edinburgh (first choice) were quick to update GTTR Track to unsuccessful!

    L xx

  15. nothing here still :( i hate the wait!! haha x
  16. I know the wait is so frustrating! I still haven't had my interview letter and track still says "stop". I only know I've got an interview because I called them! Hopefully you'll hear soon X

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