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Stats project for Y11

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Nimstar, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Nimstar

    Nimstar New commenter

    I'm a PGCE on my second placement, and I've been tasked with doing a stats project with the Y11 sudents who have just done their GCSE re-sit - many want to drop maths now but have been advised they must carry on until the results are out in April.
    I've been given a very brief topic outline and I intend to split the 3 lessons into data collection, handling and presentation accordingly. What I am after if anyone can help is some interesting introductory material to stats that I can use to get them engaged before we start - any videos, media / press articles that I can use for a discussion about stats and how they are used / presented in real-life (e.g. can be used for misleading headlines in paper or sensationalism).
    I'm sure I'm not the first to do this so any advice gratefully received!
  2. You could make a real name for yourself there by getting these students an extra GCSE! In the time that would take you would have completed the Controlled Assessment for GCSE Statistics with AQA as all data is on websites ready for sampling It is then about 6 hours of work to complete the task of investigating a hypothesis based on one of the two set tasks they offer and writing it up.
    If they are around GCSE Maths C they have a good chance of GCSE Statistics C using Foundation tier.
    Sorry I don't really have anything to hand which specifically meets what you asked for but the above just struck me. There is a single exam in June as well as the CA.
    There are actually some good examples of misleading diagrams as one of the chapters of the book which goes with the above course by Nelson Thornes.
    Good luck and maybe others might have some ideas.
  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    You could show them excerpts from the Joy of Stats.
  4. lizlucy

    lizlucy New commenter

    Not introductory material but loads of good ideas in this document for collecting data.
    When I did "11. Cookies comparison" with my year 11 group they were really engaged in the task - particularly as they got to eat the cookies afterwards.
    Interestingly enough Asda's own won out over Maryland!
  5. As well as The Joy of Stats, go to www.gapminder.com and look at some of the shorter videos there. I particularly like 'World Population explained using Ikea Boxes', and plan to show the class the Population data set from gapminder (raw data) and then follow this with this video to show how important it is to process and present data clearly.

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