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Statement or letter? Help!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by pwack, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. pwack

    pwack New commenter


    I'm new to this forum and would like some advice please.

    I am currently applying for jobs, however I am a little confused.

    Am I right in saying that the statement of application (where you state relevant skills, knowledge and experience), which is usually found in the application form, is the same as the letter of application?

    If so, what is best to include in the cover letter? If you address the person specification in the application?

  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Oh dear, someone sounds as though there's a panic on!
    Don't worry, all the help you need is available here.
    Advice for your application is provided in full in the Welcome thread pinned to the top of the Foirum. Read the shortlisting clickables, and the FAQs. The first FAQ will tell you about statement v letter!
    And addressing the person spec is done in the application, but also in the executive summary. Read the clickables and all will be revealed!
    And read the comments of other posters: Do what the advice says!
    Dear Theo: Executive summary works- I have an interview
    The benefit of an executive summary
    Panic over - best of luck!
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    The TES Careers Advice service runs seminars, one-to-one careers and applications advice, one-to-one interview coaching and an application review service.
    I shall be doing Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contributing to the Job Application Seminars and Weekend Workshops over February half term. We shall be looking at application letters, executive summaries and interviews.
    The next Weekend Workshop on applications is on Sunday 23rd January. Contact advice@tes.co.uk for more details on all of these.
    Look forward to seeing you!

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