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starting solids and vomiting

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moomoon, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I have started weaning and it really isn't going well. She just seems to vomit as soon as anything goes in her mouth, she doesn't seem to like anything I have tried and it just comes back up. I have tried the more BLW style with finger foods but no joy.
    I just feel really clueless, all my NCT friends have babies who wolf down their food but she doesn't seem to want to swallow. I feel so flipping useless.
  2. Is it vomiting or is it that she is pushing the food out, when you first try their natural reflex can be to push the food out with the tongue and can take a good few tries to overcome, how old is she?
    What have you tried her with? At first I did baby rice mixed in with usual milk when lo was 5 and a half months then moved onto purreed carot.
    Maybe try again in a weeks time, You are not useless and don't compare with friends. She will get the hang of it just take your time
    Hope this helps a little
  3. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    How many adults do you know who don't eat solids?

    EVERYONE gets it in the end - don't worry!
  4. Are you still at the baby rice stage? Is she definitely swallowing it and bringing it up or pushing it out straight after it's gone in? I ask because of that tongue thrust reflex thing which can make babies automatically refuse to let stuff in their mouths. Maybe leave it a week and try again then?

    Sorry Moomoon for lack of advice, I know it's hard when everyone goes on about something you find stressful as though it's so easy!
  5. my LO has only just got the food thing and he's 13 months! He won't have anything which isn't total puree but I have found that if i'm stressed then he picks up on it so doesn't happen at all (not being stressed is sometimes impossible I realise!) Have you tried either giving her little bits of mush on your finger or really small amounts on a spoon every couple of minutes? I have been told that if its a small amount every few mins then there is less likelyhood of them throwing up (it worked with the food during recent illness). I couldn't get anything like babyrice down him as its claggy in textue - fruit was ok and baby yoghurt too as more liquid like which is what they are used to.
  6. also - it tastes disgusting and I didn't want to use readymade stuff but Cow + Gate cauliflower cheese is still a favourite - if he will eat nothing else then this generally does!

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