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Starting Science PGCE in September!

Discussion in 'Science' started by suzie07, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Thanks very much for that advice, its always helpful to get advice from those who have done it.
    I prefer high heels better have blister plasters and those gel pads tho most of mine are comfy
  2. Me too - Science PGCE at Chester, my speciality is physics. We've had a massive amount of work to do before the course starts: several assignments to write, the whole of BBC bitesize KS3 and KS4 (all 6 specifications) for physics, chemistry and biology, a reading list - masses compared to the people I've come across on subject enhancement courses from LJMU and Manchester.
    My top tips - suits on offer in Tesco for £15 (!! and although not as good as eg M&S, you can't complain at that price, they're certainly not rubbish). Also I'm holding off on buying my stationary until I've enrolled and have my student card so I can get discounts.
    I've done 2 weeks biology at Liverpool John Moores (v useful as I never even did biology 'O' level - yes, I'm that old...) and in the middle of a 2-week combined chemistry and physics course at Manchester. So already I've picked up quite a few resources.
    Good luck - be interesting to see how we get on!
  3. Hello!
    I shall also be starting this year, doing mine at the University of Birmingham under a Biology specialism. Will keep an eye to see any more tips and hints, had some very useful ideas so far from various areas of these forums.
    Good luck to everyone when they start their first week!
  4. Hmm I would avoid the work of Sue Cowley and other behaviour gurus and consultants. Stick with advice from people who still work in schools.
    I'd recommend 'Surviving and suceeding in difficult classrooms' by Paul Blum. Tom Bennett in the behaviour thread on TES is also very good.
    When you are on placement you'll see teachers you don't think much of (sometimes they will be the ones 'training' you) and other teachers you'll want to be like yourself. Go through the motions with the rubbish ones as getting into a confrontation with them can ruin your PGCE and take notes from the best.
    Oh and there are some more experienced colleagues who think you have to pay your dues and will treat you with contempt especially if you have the gall to question them. I loathe that attitude and still loathe it now I am more experienced, unsurprisingly the handful of awe inspiring teachers I worked with during training didn't seem to have such a problem. Again just avoid confrontation with the rot and their ego for the sake of you're PGCE.
  5. Hey all! =)

    I've started the PGCE in Biology at the University of Leeds.

    Just done my one week primary school placement and it was fantastic and a real eye opener.

    Looking forward to the secondary school placements though! especially in Biology/science as not alot of science is taught at primary school in a formal way (it's more discretely taught).

    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions- might consider buying that book about behaviour.

  6. garedelyon

    garedelyon New commenter

    Hi! I hope you don't mind me messaging. I'm trying to research my options in applying for a
    PGCE in Chemistry with Edge Hill via the flexible route and was wondering if you could tell me how it was for you? I have a toddler do you think this course would suit me? I live in Oldham an was wondering how often did you go into uni before your placements start? Also with regard to the placements, can you request you would prefer to be somewhere more local if you have
    children? Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

    Shummah x
  7. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    I did a full time PGCE at edge hill in 2009-2010 and I have a good friend who did the flexible route. In terms of going in to uni on the flexible route there was very little as most of the sessions were on line although you can join in the full time lecture and tutorial sessions. Having children really isnt an issue, many of the people on both courses had young children, but it is important to have a contingency plan incase they are ill. The only issue with what you have asked is with the placement schools. Edge hill are always under enormous pressure trying to place people and once you have been placed its VERY difficult to change if it is not viable. The best suggestion for you to stay local would be to sort your own placement but this is extremely difficult too. Hope this helps. Feel free to post any more questions. Catherine x
  8. Teacher's toolkit (Ginnis) and How to teach (Phil Beadle) are fantastic. The behaviour stuff in how to teach is spot on. Works a treat.

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