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Starting PGCE - Staying organised

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by cattyjess, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Those folders will probably be quite useful for each class you teach - although I had just one display folder (the ones with the plastic wallets incorporated?) that held all my lesson plans and worksheets in it for the week. I then transferred them to an arch file when taught/completed.
    My first placement school provided me with a planner as they had a few spares - I'd say just ask the school once you get there.
    One thing I would recommend is buying lots of cheap pens. The pupils in my second placement never had their own pens and the policy at that school was to just provide them with one to not disrupt the lesson too much. Now at the end of my placement I seem to only have about 2 pens left either cos they ran out or have been lost along the way. I may need to go buy some more...

  2. Thanks for your reply.
    The display folder method is what I've been doing at uni this whole year, really works for me!
    Surely if it is the school's policy, they should provide you with the pens! You're a student as it is with your own pens to buy lol.
  3. Hey,

    The PGCE is fab, it is kinda like a rollercoaster ride though! Very much recommended though :D. I did PGCE DT and we were a very small close knit cohort and I've made some friends for life! Right, back to your question - I would stock up on some large lever arch files, those heavy duty plastic ones preferably. I had one for general lecture stuff (module/placement guides etc). On the first day your tutor will give you a lot of paperwork! I had 2 for my first placement, 3 for my second, 1 for my skills audit, 1 for my health and safety training and one for my CEPD. I also went through 3 of those A5 Journals from paperchase to write all of my reflections (daily diary entries/ramblings etc!). Gosh, loads and loads of pens and pencils, lots of A4 paper, printer ink, a good hole punch and stapler! My second placement school gave me a school laptop and a planner but as a DT teacher I needed all the CAD software and was always in different classrooms so they felt the need to provide me with one! Good luck! L
  4. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Theres a whole thread with suggestions here. xx

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