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starting PGCE at WORCESTER in September?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bexy85, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. I am sarting PGCE in September at Worcester Uni, and I will be doing Secondary English... anyone else out there joining me? be good to know some names and contact each other if we need to.
  2. Hey...I'm starting at Worcester in September too...Secondary Mathematics for me!
  3. Hi Bexy85,

    I've posted before about starting at Worcester in September and there doesn't seem to be many of us on here. I won't be with you as I'll be on the flexible Primary PGCE. However, if you're on facebook there are some groups for both secondary and primary where you may get to meet some others.

    Sarah x
  4. Hey

    You're right, there doesn't seem to be many of us does there considering that all the literature I've received from the PGCE team tells you to buy/use the TES! lol

  5. Hello there,

    I will be starting the PGCE English course at worcester in September! There's so much to read, I'm not sure i'm going to be able to get through it all!

  6. Hello! I'm starting a secondary pgce at Worcester in MFL in September! Where is this facebook page then?
  7. HI there I have just finished the Primary PGCE at worcester and I have loads of books for sale that are on the reading list. For a full list email me at kellyfonzerelli@hotmail.com and I will send you it out. There are 11 books and really I only want £15 for them all. Have a great time at Worcester I loved it!! Kel
  8. I'm doing primary... can't wait to get started! So excited, but the nerves are kicking in too.

    Went in for a look around yesterday, library is certainly futuristic compared to where I did my degree. Don't think much of the maps for finding your way around though - they stupidly left off the "you are here" bits which might've saved me walking the entire campus to find the conference hall! If anyone else is wondering, it's right next to reception (which is where I was standing at the time I looked at the map and thought it was miles away lol).

    Anyone else who's doing primary feel free to add me as a friend, I could do with knowing a few people before I start!

    Oh, and anyone else doing the swimming course on the 14th and 15th?
  9. Im doing primary too! looking forward to it but still hacking my way through the reading list eeeeek!

    twysoges - are you in ey or ly group?

  10. Hey! I'm starting the flexible Secondary Science PGCE this september!
    I've now gone through 'nervous' and into 'paralysed with fear'.

  11. stacey, i'm in ly1, you?

    oh dear... reading list... how many more have you read than me? you're making me worry lol!

    I've read foundations of primary teaching, the science audit, maths knowledge and understanding and I got as far as chapter 6 of the english one before I got too bored to carry on! I had a quick look at the ICT book but decided I knew most of it and the other stuff would probably be self explanatory when I can be bothered to do the practice test. Guess that should be in the next few days really lol!

  12. I'm starting the Secondary Science PGCE in Worcester... halfway between really excited and slightly terrified at the moment! :)

  13. twysoges, I'm in EY3, I've sucessfully worked my way through the mindnumbing boringness of maths, english and science understanding, unlocking numeracy , english theory and practice , science audit and passing the ict skills test, and good lord i still am working through the list eeeek!!!, have you had to do any assignments or lit reviews before you start as a lot of people on here seem to have and i dont think we were set anything other than the mammouth reading list,

  14. Hi, my name is Ana and I have applied for the pgce in mfl (spanish and french) at Worcester university. I would like to know if you remember how was your interview....? What is about? I'am really worry about it...
    Thank you

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