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starting nursery

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Just wanted a little advice RE going back to work and starting nursery... I had originally intended to return to work full time for a couple of weeks in July, when my OH would look after LO, be at home with her during the holidays, then she would start nursery in September at 10 months old. I have found a lovely little homely nursery for her to go to. However, we are a bit more broke than expected and I am a bit more bored at home than expected and so I'm thinking of going back for the June/ July half term instead- LO will be 7 months. However, I am worried it will be too traumatic for LO to start nursery at 7 months for 6 weeks, then have 6 weeks off for the holidays then start again in September. Just wondered if any more experienced mums had an opinion on this?
    Thanks x
  2. I pretty much did this last summer - LO was 7 months old and I went back full time for 3 weeks. I withdrew him from nursery for the summer hols then he started full time again in September. It worked fine, LO wasn't fazed at all. If you're concerned you may be able to arrange with the nursery to put LO in for half a day a week during the hols?
  3. Thanks, biodust. I was thinking about sending her a bit in the holidays just to keep it going. I'll have a chat with the nursery!
  4. I'd be tempted to do that ladybug, if you can afford it. It'll stop you getting too bored at home too as you'll have some 'you' time to get out and about. I've forgotten if your OH teaches too? Then you'd have some 'us' time - my OH would love that! [​IMG]
  5. Just did a big sum... tired today so it took a while... factoring in child care and keeping in touch days it makes more sense to go back later! So I'll stick with my original plan, I think. And no, OH isn't a teacher so it makes no difference to him! He has a job where he can't take much time off in summer so I'm used to having the long holidays on my own. Now I'll be having them with LO!

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