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Starting Northumbria Uni Primary PGCE Sept 2012

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by cardiffblues42, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Anyone else out there starting at Northumbria in Sept? Wondering when we get paperwork to complete to fulfil conditional offer and would like to swot up on reading list while I have some thinking time.
    Very excited and nervous.
  2. I started the 2 year pgce flexi at northumbria. it is rubbish, there is no communications with any tutors, the coursework is out of date or nothing works and they dont have any placements. this years BA final placements have had to double up. Not what is promises!!!
  3. I still havent got the paperwork and I had my interview back in January! I'm guessing they are waiting until all interviews and offers are done...

  4. Hey,
    I had my interview for Northumbria back in January too, I
    emailed the admissions office about some things last week, and
    they said the CRB forms and medical clearance stuff gets sent out in
    Hope that helps!

  5. Aw great thanks, that saves me an email now! :)
  6. Hello just received email with health check forms attached. No CRB or reading list yet though.
  7. Hi I am also starting the course in September if you go on the uni website it has the reading list from last year which I presume will be the same for this year. I have just completed my medical questionnaire, I think this is the last hurdle before you receive your full offer.
    See you soon
  8. I sent my health questionnaire in a while ago but have no idea if they received it or not. Has anyone heard anything else or had their offer changed yet? I have to hand in my notice at work soon and am too scared to do it until my offer is definite!
  9. Hello!
    I am also starting the Primary PGCE next september.
    I just phoned Northumbria.
    They will email us soon CRB check form and we will receive letters in August.
    The enrolment day will be 3rd September with the tuiton fees to pay and Bursary documents to fill up.
    Are you leaving around Newcastle ?


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