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Starting my final placement again in September after injury/UT from Hell, what can I do?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Jec34, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to give a bit of background. I'm a student for Primary PGCE but I've had to defer placement because a very untimely sports injury occurred.

    My first placement was awful, I was thrown at Year 6 in a failing school with a mentor who was only available in the morning, though it wasn't their fault, and what can only be described as the University Tutor from Hell. I scraped through with a Requires Improvement.

    I begged for another UT but the University just told me how they're an experienced member of staff, that they work really hard etc etc, but this person was probably the least supportive person I have ever met.

    After an unfortunate lesson instead of being motivated to do better I was lambasted with my UT repeatedly asking if I even wanted to be a teacher and criticising me personally rather than critically. So every observation after that was filled with anxiety and dread, unfortunately I wasn't one of their favourites invited to gatherings and additional help but I digress.

    So, fast forward to last May during my final placement when I suffered a sports injury, I was forced to use a brace and crutches but I felt I could teach so I went in the next day ready for my lessons, I was then told that health and safety prohibits me from teaching, I thought "fair enough, I can't argue with that" and I decided to catch up on some University assignments in the staff room. My UT travels in to make sure I was not lying and interrogate me about the incident (no support again.)

    The University kept me in limbo for 2 weeks requesting 4 meetings with myself to jump through health and safety hoops (it takes 3 hour journeys there and back, in the middle of a city centre on crutches.) They then tell me that I can finally go back into school but with no days to spare, so I couldn't go for any interviews for September, and with expectations for all my lessons to be at a 'Good' standard otherwise I would be kicked off the course, and never being able to teach in England ever (no pressure then.) Given the facts I decided to defer until September and re-start me final placement.

    Okay, rant over! Now what I want to ask is how can I best make use of this massive gap in time? It has been a month now and I feel physically better, but I am incredibly bitter about not entering my NQT year whilst my peers and friends have (since they have had the support of the UT whilst I haven't.)

    I thought about volunteering or taking agency work as a TA but I feel this will be a step backwards, I have also considered tutoring but I am on the fence at the minute. I have been doing a lot of reading on pedagogy but I can't shake this feeling of resentment for all this wasted time. I have also been learning to drive because it seems a big advantage to not have to carry tonnes of marking/resources on the bus.

    I was also wondering if there is anything I can do to prepare for final placement again? I have finally been given a new UT (after 10 months of asking) so how can I get in their good books? (Once I find out who they are.) What can I do in the first week of placement to set my marker in my next school? What else can I do other than reading and raiding Netflix for the next 2 1/2 months?
  2. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I do wonder about the wisdom of posting such identifiable details on a public forum, particularly when you refer to your tutor as the tutor from hell (part 2 of the standards?). I would ask for this to be removed and consult your programme leader/student services.
  3. I have not mentioned any names/areas but I will edit some details out.
  4. Thanks for the response, how do I delete the post? I've been searching all over the site...
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I would report it to the mods and explain you'd like it removed. You can't do it yourself. I believe you can click on the ! in the triangle at the bottom of your post.

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