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Starting cover supervisor job in Sept 12, will be 6 months pregnant. Help

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by chocolateheaven, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    Is it a permanent position? Either way, you won't have to defer and you certainly can't lose your job for being pregnant, even if there is a probation period - and if they claimed that you weren't fulfilling your job properly for any reason related to the pregnancy you could sue them for sexual discrimination! I wouldn't worry about it from that perspective. I believe that you're entitled to SMP if you've worked for 26 weeks of the year before your mat leave in ANY job, not just the one that you're in at the time. Any occupational maternity pay will be based on your terms and conditions, which will be different to a teacher's so I can't help with that one I'm afraid. It should be laid out in your contract though. Finally - congratulations! It's a wonderful thing :)
  2. In all honesty you need to think seriously about this.
    In terms of pay, you will not receive the additional maternity pay nor will you get SMP but you be entitled to Maternity Allowance (paid by job centre I think - check on direct.gov.uk). Amonuts are the same but to get SMP you need to be with the same employer before being pregnant, MA is working for anyone for 26 weeks or something before baby. So you are looking at approx £120 a week.
    Working in education is physically and mentally hard work, realistically from early November onwards you will be finding it very hard. Made doubly hard by the fact that it will still be a new job for you so you will still be finding your feet.
    Will you get maternity pay if you stay in your current job - it might be worth speaking to the school about deferring the start or even deciding to reapply for future jobs in future - for me I wouldn't want to be starting a new job at that point, but I appreciate that is a very personal decision. Only once you know all thefacts about each job will you be able to decide which to do.


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