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Starting BLW

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kevchenko13, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I would say probably not long now, based on my sample of one! LO is 6m 1w and is generally now very good a variety of stuff on his tray. However if he's not interested he will still just throw it all around (like breakfast this morning!). He's been in his high chair while we eat for pretty much every meal for a couple of months now which I think has really helped. We initially started on spoons of puree but he wasn't at very interested. The real clincher was when we were at a cafe, heated up some puree for him and he just raspberried it everywhere, then kept grabbing at our plates (he loves greens, especially cucumber and broccoli - which doubles as a fun thing to pull apart). So we switched to BLW and he hasn't looked back. The only things he has off a spoon now are fromage frais, and he mostly does that himself (making a huge mess into the bargain [​IMG]).
    I suppose all I would say in my very limited experience is to try to share the experience with her as much as possible; always have her in the high chair next to (between?) you at meal times and try eating 'really obviously' in front of her to encourage her to copy you.
    On a related note, breakfast was the hardest meal to think of something grabbable for, but we've got a little list now - in no particular order:
    toast, scotch pancake, croissant, waffle, fruit, shredded wheat bitesize (soften with milk/formula): plus putting a little strawberry jam on anything seems to help too! And any more ideas gratefully received.
  2. It took my daughter about 2 weeks to go from stage 1 to putting food in her mouth.

    I think what you are doing sounds fine to me, just keep offering it to her, I'd try it every day and try to do it at the same time as you eat as she may watch you and copy. I did pretty much the same as you- put her in her high chair with some food and let her do what she wants with it.

    If possible, have her watch you at any meal time so she may start to take n interest. It won't take long before some food makes it in there,
  3. ... oh and above all, relax! (My biggest problem is getting all 'edgy' about it if he doesn't eat)
  4. More breakfast ideas....

    Eggs in any form, I am really struggling with spelling ommlete. Baby brain!
    Thick porridge- use less milk and it is easy to squish between hands
    Eggy bread
    Toast with some sort of spread
    Fruit dipped in yogurt

    We just made porridge with coconut milk and strawberries- it looked like vomit but she enjoyed it.
  5. As others have said this method requires patience! My son started putting things in his mouth quite quickly but it took until about 8 months before he really ate anything at all as it took him a while to work out how to chew so everything just popped straight back out of his mouth again. I was on the verge of going to purees when he suddenly started scoffing quite a lot and can now manage quite chewy things well. Also be prepared for some regression, when my LO is teething his milk intake goes right back up again and his appetite for solids really drops. His favorites are roast dinners (lots of variety keeps him happy), jacket potato with pretty much anything, grilled chicken, cheese, peas and sweetcorn (though he only managed this at 9ish months as they need the pincer grip). He doesn't like eggs as seems slightly intolerant to them (gets a bit blotchy around his mouth) but we keep leaving it a while and then trying again. I found the key was to keep experimenting with how I gave food to him; with porridge he sometimes prefers to have it on a loaded spoon, other times likes to pick it up in blobs and now he has his pincer grip he seems to prefer veg cut up smaller rather than in sticks. Risotto is a real winner as you can make it with virtually anything, it is filling and you can add pick chunks so LO can either chew or not depending on which bit they eat.
  6. We started very casually about 5.5 months and now at nearly 7 months we have days when she seems to wolf things down and days when she barely licks what's put in front of her. Toast has gone down an absolute treat, as has anything with hummus on, and avocado (whizzed in a blender with some lemon juice, garlic and olive oil) spread on pittas. We always put something in front of her when we have dinner but breakfast and lunch can be a bit hit and miss depending on if we're out and about or if she's slept at an odd time. She still seems to be having as much milk as ever so I'm doing my best to be relaxed about the whole thing!
  7. I feel like I'm making a total dogs ar se of weaning... 4 months - spoonfed purees as Sasha was showing such an interest... 6 months she didn't want spoon so we embraced finger foods and was going ok... 7 nearly 8 months and she was crying at the end of a meal if hadn't fed enough herself so now we have this farce of two courses fir every meal which starts with finger food, then me spooning something in. I don't really want to carry the latter part on too long so tryi g to get Sasha to use a spoon too, but it's so hit and miss. When is it reasonable to expect them to be able to use a spoon? The finger food is great but it can't go on forever and it's a bit limiting sometimes. Ahhhhhhh.
  8. I don't think finger food is limiting really, give me one example of something you can't give as a finger food...and I'll think of a way you can....
    Even soups can be turned into finger food.
    I think it is the way people perceive finger foods as being vegetable sticks.

    It might be worth having a look at the BLW recipe book so you can get a few more ideas. It really made me open my mind about what sort of things she can have. Basically, my daughter eats the same as us really.
    I am sure you aren't making a hash of it though, she is eating and feeding herself. Nothing wrong with doing both.
  9. Sorry moomoon you're right, I think I meant in terms of time - I have to factor in an hour for each lunchtime at the moment but so it goes I guess... Im sure it'll get quicker at sone point and they have to feed themselves with cutlery at sone point right?
  10. I admit I am one of these people so I am now intrigued as to how soup can be turned into finger food - can you please tell me? I'm starting to introduce finger food - but struggling to come up with ideas (and have it as a fun activity rather than to eat a full meal as LO prefers the spoon).
  11. My BLW baby could always feed herself with a pre-loaded spoon (from about 5-6 months, when we started BLW) but only really began feeding herself full meals, as in aiming the spoon into the food and actually getting the lot into her mouth by herself, at 14 months. I guess re: soup as finger food, you'd just make it chunky so they could pick up the chunks, or blend it really coarse and thick (like thick porridge) so they could scoop it up with their hands. BLW is dead messy!!
  12. I should add to that, thick things like yoghurt that didn't fall off the spoon!
  13. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Do you have to wait for 6 months to offer anything other than fruit, veg, and baby rice? For example, could my 22-week-old have gluten-free pasta with some sort of carrot puree as a sauce? Hummous as a puree? Or should I avoid getting too complicated?
    Why am I so nervous about all this? And why do I believe what I see written down?
  14. We had soup the other night (the thick butternut squash one from the BLW Cookbook) and just gave her bread to dip, then let her stick her hands in the bowl and lick the soup off. Tonight we had fajitas, so before I put the spice on (as it's very salty) I took her out some strips of tofu, pepper, mushroom and carrot from the pan, plonked some guacamole and hummus on her tray and handed her the bits to dip and feed herself.
    chica - is your LO showing signs of being ready, or could you distract them with a wooden spoon for another week or so?
  15. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Bunique, she's asking for whatever's going! She takes the spoon and puts it in her mouth, and when there's no more, or I'm eating something she can't have, she gets quite sad/upset/frustrated about it! On the other hand she doesn't like lumps yet- they come back out, and she just sucks/gnaws on things like apple- I think it's relieving on her gums.
    I don't want to rush her, and I'm not sure that she's ready for pure BLW, so at the moment it's just a happy game. She's still heavily into milk. I was just trying to think of things she might be able to taste, as I don't want her to get too sweet a tooth with all fruit. (Also if she could fill up on something more substantial, I might be able to bank some more milk- as it is, she's drinking all I produce!)
  16. I wouldn't count on that happening for a while yet! If everything's coming back out, it's possible that she hasn't lost her tongue thrust reflex yet so isn't quite able to take in mouthfuls and swallow them. As for what they can eat, pretty much anything bar the obvious gluten/nuts/honey, assuming there's no other family history of allergies. You may want to steer clear of eggs, strawberries, other well-known allergens.
  17. We're doing pure BLW so don't do any spoon feeding (she is a monkey and won't let me anyway)... Anyway, extra thick soup they can pick up in squidgy mouthfuls can be good and/or using bread or something as a dip. It is quite messy though! At one point my wonderfully mannered baby girl did take her head down to the tray to lick it. [​IMG] I always tend to feed her naked, hopefully she gets out of this habit by the time she is 18.

    Astralabe, I am sure you are doing things fine- though it is always worrying that you're doing something fundamentally wrong.
  18. moomoon - meant to say thanks for the breakfast ideas. We're also trying to keep off the eggs due to rashes (hope that passes soon!) although he's fine with eggs 'in something'. OH made him some banana and sultana bread the other day and he's had that for the last two breakfasts - goes in a treat and isn't too messy [​IMG]
  19. You can preload a spoon and it's still BLW- the baby chooses whether to take the spoon and put it in their mouths, or not. So you could put thick soup on a spoon- I did with baby porridge and yoighurt in the early days. She also used fruit sticks and bread as dippers as others have mentioned- a precurser to being able to use a spoon!
  20. We do try and do that but she has not quite got the idea yet... she generally puts the wrong end in her mouth or uses her fingers to take the food off the spoon.

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