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Starting a reception class from scratch, need help with long term plan

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sarsky, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. hers the story. Recently been employed in a nursery school overseas, to teach a brand new reception class that is being introduced for the first time.There are no plans of any kind. I am having to look at the EYFS curriculum framework and do it all from scratch. my last class was KS1 so this is all new to me.
    I d love it if anyone could give me any pointers on where to start with a long term plan. I m thinking I ll organise things around two termly themes but what should they be? Are there certain themes that should be covered or are most appropriate/advisable. Is there any official guidance on what these themes should be? Any help or redirection would be very much appreciated. maybe you could share your own long term and medium term plans to give me some examples.
  2. That sounds wonderful. My problem is that I have to present a long term plan to the head before I start the year. Se wants to see what topics I ll be doing in advance. I ve tried to explain that it needs to be flexible but because of the nature of the sch, ie not in Uk....I m in Spain, she can pretty much change things to suit what she wants. the class is literally going to be in a brand new building, with brand new things but a large part of what goes in will depend on what I ask for.
    so in many ways it will be easier if I have a plan of topics to work aroud. I m hoping they can be moulded to suit the class interests as we go.

    I m thinking an About Us topic to kick off the year but wondered what other generic
    topics people use.
  3. As regards resources, you will need a lot of generic resources for areas of learning eg art stuff, role play, dressing up, small world, books, Maths games, construction, musical instruments etc. You will also need resources for phonics. I would suggest planning your classroom and thinking about what is needed for each area of provision. It is most likely that these resources will also be useful for any number of topics. If you must have topics I suggest you think about the seasons of the year and the festivals that will be celebrated. Build your plan around these. So, your first term might be about 'Who I am', to mark the children's personal milestone of starting school, then you might have Autumn (fireworks, harvest, darkness etc), move on to Winter and Christmas (snow, cold, ice, warm clothes etc), New Year and Chinese New Year, spring and Easter (new life, planting, baby animals) then Summer (warmth, holidays, butterflies hatching) then transition for their personal milestone of moving on and up.

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