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Starting a Primary PGCE in September - would appreciate advice!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lisa1208, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I'm starting a Primary PGCE in September and I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea of the sorts of things I could be reading prior to the start of the course or equipment that might be useful throughout the year... Any advice is valuable!

  2. Your University should give you a reading list, so you could start reading from that. Alternatively, there are often some quite good threads on here. Failing that, your local newsagents will have some magazines for you to peruse until you have to start on the reading list.
    As for equipment, make sure you have a couple of ringbinder folders, the usual stationary and a big bag to carry it all in! Oh, and many bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates for those marathon planning sessions!
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Pimp Your Lesson is a fabulous book. Lots of good ideas for creating excellent lessons.

    Any of the Jumpstart books are also great for exciting activities.

    I also like the You Can Have......(a calm classroom, a creative classoom, teach children to write, etc) books, but they are KS specific and so you might want to leave those until your NQT year.

    Don't buy lesson plans or books of plans, they will be no use to you if you want to be an amazing teacher, and I am assuming you do.

    Scholastic do good magazines and I have subscribed for years to various ones.

    Oh and sort out a subscription to the TES newspaper with your local newsagent, or just go and buy it if you are moving to go to university and then subscribe there. You can also subscribe online and have it delivered to your home, great when the jobs start to come out as it weighs a ton!
  4. I did GTP and the books I found invaluable in terms of planning/activities (and still use now) are:
    The Teacher's Toolkiit - Paul Ginnis
    Pimp Your Lesson!
    Rocket up your class (101 High imapct activities to start, end and break up lessons)
    Active Learning - 101 Strategies to teach any subject
    Practical ideas, games and actitvites for the primary classroom (would like a couple of the subject specific ones of these too)
    In terms of Subject Knowledge the three 'Really Useful books were good (Literacy, Numeracy and Science).
    And the QTS knowledge and understanding books.
  5. I'm starting my NQT year now and have never heard of Pimp Your Lesson - I might have a look!
    As for lesson plan books, I never bothered buying any as I thought there wasn't much point when I didn't have a class of my own, but when I did supply a lot of teachers seemed to have the maths ones at least - mostly for the photocopiable worksheets to leave behind for people like me covering lessons. I suppose they might give you an idea of the sort of thing that might work (as they say, don't re-invent the wheel), as long as you don't rely on them which would obviously be a problem during your PGCE.

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