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Starting a Music Department...from scratch

Discussion in 'Music' started by anastasia201984, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. I have been appointed as teacher of music at a brand new school in North London. I have spent the summer developing schemes of work and I have already used £1500 to buy djembes, percussion, a drum kit and keyboards.

    I'm very excited about the idea of starting from fresh but am also a little apprehensive. There will only be 10 pupils in a class to start with and hopefully as the year goes on, more year 7's will enrol (there are only year 7's this year and the school will grow each year).

    Are there any HoD who can offer a little advice on the necessaries for a successful department? I obviously will need to set up peripatetic lessons and extra curricular activities but is there any admin that I may be forgetting? Or any creative ideas you can offer?

    Much appreciated
  2. I am not for a second implying you have an easy job - but my i am jealous!!! [currently job hunting after redundancy]
    These are things \I have found preparing new building and new departments.... Please take and leave as you want!
    Good communication with other departments - difficult to balance seeing collegues with taking band rehearsala every lunch etc but try to meet everyone so that when you ned support for concerts you already know who might do coffees, who plays drums and who you could do joint prjects with. You do not have to work alone just because you are the sole music teacher.
    Some where secure kids can leave instruments during the day?
    Rewards systems - I had in a secondary school 3 posters made to look lovely with 'composer of the week', 'performer of the week' and 'appraiser of the week' (also helped look at the three assessment areas and explain what apprais meant...) I laminated with space for a name in whiteboard pen and/or example of work to be blutacked on. they liked this and it was used as examples of good creative work / how scores are set out / praise.
    Grab kids attention in the first few weeks by setting upa performance. Spooky halloween performance? Xmas concert? Something little but that will make your extra curricular activities feel real, exciting and at the events you can contuniue to recruit!
    Have routine for getting out equipment and tidying way implace ASAP.
    Keyboard club - this was a club where ANYONE could come and try out keyboards (and other instruments). This meant that if kids were excited about one fundtion of a keyboard but lesson is on something else they can be invited to keyboard club.... Sounds daft but I found this was really good and gettign in kids who untill that point had little interest/knowledge. i then asked them if there were any songs they wanted to learn and challenged them to become 'performer of the month' etc.
    looking forward to reading replies on her....
    Er... is there any chance I could look at your scheme of work to help me get back into KS3 after a few years of FE? Just to look over - wouldn't comment or steal!
  3. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    I have actually done this myself, not in a new school, but in a school that had let the Music department die. I've completely written all KS3 SOW (I was given nothing when I started) and after just a year, I'm embarking on my first GCSE KS4 and BTEC KS5 journey next week (am actually a little over-excited to be going back to get my teeth stuck into this one!) so would be happy to offer any help.
    I found the biggest block for me was the reputation of the dept (i.e. lack of) but if you're starting a clean slate, then start how you mean to go on. Get the kids to take responsibility for keeping the equipment tidy etc. and I've found that departmental rewards help (as long as they sit in line with whole school policy). PM me if you'd like any SOW or support via email.
    Good luck to all for this year!

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