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Started PGCE in Sep and just found out I'm pregnant!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MrsLMB, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone else had found themselves in this position. I already have 2 children age 4 and 5.

    I have been finding the course hard work and exhausting, especially with a young family but manageable so far.

    The main things I'm worried about are- being able to manage the final placement whilst heavily pregnant and job hunting with a gap on my cv for at least a few months after I graduate. I will be due in Aug
    and would probably not want to job hunt until at least Feb 2014.

    I'm thinking I should just carry on and see how I find it but don't know if I'm being really naive.
    been here it I'd be really keen to hear how you managed as I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about juggling it all at the moment.
  2. tollolo

    tollolo New commenter

    I'd say your concerns are well placed. If you can, I'd seek to postpone the course now, as finding a job whilst you are training is far easier. I think this is where you are leaning. See if someone has done similar.
    By the way, although not strictly legal, it would be near impossible to find employment with an impending maternity leave, too. Nor would you want to, for your NQT year, I imagine!
  3. lindsay84

    lindsay84 New commenter

    I was in your position, with a 4 year old. Found out I was pregnant. I kept with it, had son on 12th August. My school were amazing (though there were 5 of us pregannat and due at the same time!). IIt was worth carrying on til the end with if you can get the support. I stayed off until the Jan and got a job share 3 days a week with someone else returning from maternity.
    It was really hard work, and so tiring at time, but I had also fell pregnant during my 2nd year of Uni and carried on then so wasnt going to let it beat me this time! Support is vital.
  4. Your situation would be up there as one of my worst nightmares! My daughter is 2 next month. We'd love another but I want to finish the PGCE and get a job, and then stay in the job for at least a year, lest risk being a right cow (just being employed then asking for maternity!).
    Its a ***, but I'm really quite jealous!
  5. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    My final placement ended in mid-June, so you might not be too heavily pregnant for your final placement. I can see why you have concerns, particularly about your employment prospects, but I think the best thing you can do is to carry on. If you're finding the course quite hard work with a 4 and 5 year old, I can only imagine it will be much harder with a third, younger child, so if you take a break now then it could be years before you feel up to continuing. By finishing the course and gaining QTS you will be making it easier on yourself to pick up teaching again when the time is right, and you can look to completing your NQT year gradually through part-time teaching or supply work, if a full time job doesn't appeal/isn't available. The gap on your CV is easily explainable, and you could always volunteer as a parent helper at your children's school to keep your hand in teaching.
  6. How did you decide in the end?

    I am in a similar situation. I just found out I am pregnant. The duedate won't be until the end of August, however I am seriously concerned about all the stress and how it might affect the pregnancy and vice versa! The first term of the PGCE was so incredibly difficult for me! I am not sure if it wouldn't be a better choice for me to defer the second placement and just try and find a less stressful job until the summer, just to make a little money.
  7. This is a priceless information.I am in same situation now when the course only ends in june but am due I am due in july.I also did the same in 3rd year of uni. I am really determined to carry on and was worried about schools turning up thier noses at me.Your reply has given me so much confidence thanks.
  8. Schools won't come right out and say this of course as it's illegal (there'll just make up some generic, vague reason why you didn't get the job), but many schools run a mile from a candidate who a) will need to have paid time off imminently b) will need more paid time off every time a child is ill / childminder let them down etc. And there's plenty of childless young NQTs out there that will be more budget-friendly! It's worth trying of course, there must be some more sympathetic schools out there. Sorry to sound harsh - i hope you do manage it.
  9. Hi,

    This was me last year!! I found out I was pregnant last Christmas after starting my pgce in the September.
    I also have a little boy as well so I understand where you are coming from in terms of it already being challenging with a young family, never mind throwing in an unplanned pregnancy! I used to get so envious of the girls who a) didn't have a part time job, b) didn't have a young family and c) were not pregnant!! Thinking back I don't know how I did it.....buy...I did and I'm sure you will too. It was hard work with tiredness etc, especially during placement as I hardly slept due to stress anyway!!

    I am just in the process of looking for jobs, I am applying for a job share starting after Easter. I am not sure what will happen with me being out of the profession for so long but I am trying to remain positive! I'll let you know!

    Just keep positive and take each day as it comes. If it gets too much I'm sure you will be able to defer.

    Good luck
  10. Schools are used to having teachers going on maternity leave, and actually in some ways you are in a better situation than others. They know how many children you have. Many other teachers will graduate and then a year or so later get pregnant, then get pregnant again just after coming back to work. At least they know where they are with you. My friend managed through medical school in your situation and everyone said she couldn't. She did and now is working and her colleagues are thinking of when they should be getting pregnant!

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