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Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by REC66, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Power to you Zimbofan. There is a definite and growing need for change and a separate Psychology forum. We have few common issues with Sociology, no more than with any other subject. It is frustrating searching through the sociology inputs to locate psychology and I suspect Psychology teachers are increasingly reluctant to post on this forum since it appears to be becoming exclusively sociology.
    Do hope you get more support for this.
  2. I am not a psychology specialist but I believe psychexchange has a pleasant, polite , informative and lively forum exclusively for psychology. I do not have any vested interest there. It is just what I have witnessed. I think there are many reasons posters left this forum and they were not to do with sociology. As I said , it is not my subject but you might want to try there.
  3. Hi there, as someone who has moved to another forum I would just like to say that it really isn't anything to do with this site. I use psychexchange because I can find resources and read and share ideas all at once. It's quicker and easier and as more people come over to that forum I find less reason to come here.

    Sorry zimbofan, I don't think it would make much difference to split the forums up.

    ZIMBOFAN New commenter

    I post on Psychexchange too... but does that mean that I cannot use this site too? What's the point of saying 'Social Sciences' with the implication it includes Psychology, when it does not any more. ? Might as well just say Sociology/Health and Social care.... Maybe it is due to Psychexhange getting more posters, but its a shame, because this site is easier to access, you can't post a new thread on Psychexhange until you have uploaded resources!!

    I think TES should just make a Psychology subject area on here, and leave Social Sciences as it is - AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS??

    TES you listening....???? {anyone got contact info??}
  5. I reckon CCLD and HSC should have their own too!

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