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Start dates for FE Jobs

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by doolallydolly, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I want to apply for a teaching position at a FE college and the start date for the position is advertised as 'when the successful candidate is available'.
    Coming from a secondary school background where there are clear termly start dates or at least ASAP start dates I am a little confused. I would not be available until after Easter but does anyone feel that the wording implies that they need someone sooner than that? I really don't know if recruitment procedures are different in FE. I have contacted the college but they simply stated again 'when the candidate is available'. I dont want to waste my or the colleges time if I don't have a chance. Thanks for any advice
  2. Hello doolallydolly

    I read that as saying the position starts when the person who is offered the job can start. In your case, you could start after Easter, so if you get the job, that's when you'd be available and that's when you'd start.

    By the way, FE jobs could start at any time but generally speaking, most people have to give 2 or 3 months notice similar to secondary teachers (which is why the college has said when the successful candidate is available but this is also unusual for FE), so times to look for jobs are Easter to May half term for a September start and November/December for a January start. That said, there are also people who leave suddenly for various reasons. These jobs tend to appear at the beginning of September or other times of year that we would think of as 'late'.

    So go ahead and apply if you still want the job. Just give the exact availability date on the application form and you should be fine. If anyone squawks at you about it during interview, point out what you told us (you said when the successful person is available and that's when I'm available).

    Hope this post helps and good luck!
  3. thanks msbrainy, that is helpful and reassuring.

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