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Start as a UK CLassic Teacher

Discussion in 'Classics' started by pigouinos, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I have teach Classics ( Ancient Greek- Latin), over 6 years in Greece. I have a QTS and trying to do a start as a Classics teacher in London bgut have no experince in teaching in UK. Anyone has to make any suggestions where and how I can start from here?

  2. lemoni122

    lemoni122 New commenter

    Register with the Jobs section on this website and you will be sent email alerts when Classics Jobs are vacant and <u>advertised</u>. (There is no central government department directing teachers into jobs in this country.)
    But I feel I have to make an observation, cruel to be kind. Accuracy in written English will be essential.
    I can see your English is very good, but a native speaker would not make grammatical errors. For example 'I have taught' + 'am trying to...'; I accept that 'bgut' and 'experince' (experience) are typographical mistakes. Your question should be 'Has anyone any suggestions how I can...?'
    Alla, tha sou pw. Den tha mporousa na grapsw etsi kala sta ellinika egw!
    Another thought. Send me a PM (for you need someone to check what you are writing in an application in English before you send it.)
  3. Can't agree there, dears. Terrible spelling and grammar all over this site. Most posters obviously didn't go to public school.
  4. lemoni122

    lemoni122 New commenter

    Mr Darcey, the Classicists are rather more careful. We are the repository of good English, though anyone can make a typographical error. Are you always so perfect?

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