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Staring down the barrel....

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sidinz, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. And to think that I applied for a job in Alex. I don't know now if I missed out or dodged a bullet!
  2. Speaking of Egyptian schools, I understood that the recovering alcoholics' school was itself on the road to recovery, but I've just seen a shedload of vacancies for said establishment. What gives?
  3. It happens doesn't it? People leave. Or they could be expanding. Salary not brill - maybe that needs to expand.
    Haven't heard too much about the place recently...a good sign?
  4. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    The alkie school is best avoided, sidinz. It's only November, apply for "top" (whatever top means to you) schools, the fewer the better. If nothing comes up/works out, you'll pick up a job as good as or better than that place later anyway. They'll probably still be advertising posts....
  5. Oh I wasn't considering applying there. Pure curiosity. I tried Cairo. Got sick of being followed/groped everywhere I went.
    I went for a walk along the Nile one night and one persistent soul followed me for an hour and twenty minutes. When I stopped off and nipped into a wee shop just around the corner and bought a drink, so did he. When I resumed walking, so did he. Eventually I timed it just right. When he dropped behind me a bit (at times he was right beside me, trying to chat me up), I very quickly flagged down an uncoming taxi, jumped in and sped away before he realised what was happening. I hope he enjoyed his walk. [​IMG]
  6. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Ah yes, sexually frustrated Egyptian men. I remember walking down the street in Aswan, many years ago, with a couple of German girls. A couple of local men coming the other way passed us by and one of the girls turned and gave them a mouthful of abuse. I hadn't noticed anything, but apparently one of them had pinched her on the bum as he walked by. I guess, like the pyramids, some things in Egypt never change.

    Looking at the NZ on the end of your name and now the "wee" are you by any chance from Dunedin?
  7. I am disappointed that the old fashioned boot in the knackers has, ironically, become a thing of the past. Films on tv where people fight, punch and kung foo kick for ages and ages - not the real world. A good bang in the bolleaux would make Hollywood dull.
    As would the head butt, but that's not a ladies' thing.
  8. Actually the truly amazing thing is that they got mad that I got mad. I.e. that I had the temerity to actually be turning them down.
  9. Would still be better if they were curled up in a ball clutching their danglies... [​IMG]
  10. Ha! First day back after mid-year break today and a third of the teachers hired when I was had done a runner!
  11. Why ha!?
    Hasn't your work load just gone up 50%?
  12. Nope. None of them are/were from my section of the school. In fact the general feeling among my colleagues is one of positive glee. They seem to feel that it serves the (apparenly ropable) principal right. They all think that it's hilarious that 1/3 of his 'hand-picked' new brooms did not last the year and that he should have listened when concerns/gripes/suggestions for improvement were aired.
  13. Oh, and two of them were HoDs.
  14. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    I don't know you or your school, but your odd sense of glee at problems for your school is worrying. I inherited a negative staff at my previous school, many of whom seemed to encourage negative views about the school. I partly solved the problem by dismissing several of them at the end my first term. Over time things certainly improved in terms of the atmosphere, and the parents who had been deserting the school before I arrived started to come back.
    I'd urge caution. If your school is full of the type of teacher that thrives on negativity and the Principal eventually leaves, you may end up with a mad, bad boy like me. [​IMG] Nothing gets a broken school back on tracks than a quick clearout; I suspect your contract will have something in it about undermining the school....
    Perhaps I have the wrong end of the stick. Do say if I have. [​IMG]
  15. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Just to add, it's perfectly fine to rubbish a school once you've left, but it's never advisable to do so whilst you're in situ.
  16. You have.
    The staff have been frustrated for some time. This head is relatively new and has his own agenda - a cushy lifestyle and not rocking the boat. When staff raise issues, he throws it right back at them, asking them what the solution is. And yet when presented with possible solutions, no heed is taken of them and often they are not even acknowledged. I once sent him three documents, each 1 - 1/2 pages long on various themes. He never even had the decency to say "Thanks for your input, unfortunately we cannot implement your ideas for x reason." No note, not a word to say that he had even received them. Yet I know for a fact that he did.
    Staff attempting to get problems addressed are basically told that the problems don't exist. Anyone trying to tell him that the staff in general is unhappy is told not to put words on others' mouths.
    He keeps saying that longer-serving staff members will tell me that things are getting better. Actually they tell me that it's the worst it's ever been.
    I think people are hoping that this will make him wake up and smell the coffee. The ironic thing is that my colleagues - the gleeful ones - are in the section that's had the most problems and yet the runners were in kinder and secondary. So they won't face any fallout from covering their former colleagues. I don't know if that part of it's sunk in yet, actually.
    There looks to be a large exodus at the end of this year, with those who have options voting with their feet. So no, it is not that the staff is negative. They want to see things improve but are frustrated that they are not being listened to and that management decisions are absurd, ill-timed and with no warning given and make life far harder all around.
  17. Oops. Too late. [​IMG]

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