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Staring down the barrel....

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sidinz, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. i know i pm'd you . my view is - find an exit strategy ; i plan to get out as soon as i can . ignore the detrimental comments - i have had them from the same poster . having been assaulted last week - and here's the rub - the student has been put back in , i have made my mind up , i am going home . spoken to my previous head who says he is happy to write a reference . i plan to go back , do some real travelling and perhaps some supply . keep your chin up and start planning your exit .
  2. No argument against that, but they still have you with that threat of a poor reference and you can't go to interview and start talking about the shortfalls of the school you left mid-contract can you (which is a bloody shame)? Has anyone done that and ended up employed?
    Fair enough, Sidinz has got a previous Head to offer a reference but questions might still be asked.
    Sounds as if tether end has been reached and S is s'ing off and good luck to you now you have made that decision. Assaulted by a student is pretty bloody awful.
    Good luck Sidinz, hope the departure doesn't come back to bite you.
    Mind you, supply in England can be fun too.

  3. Fones old boy, have you been on the turps again? I didn't say that, vio did. A reference might be a bit harder for me, so that's somthing else to think about.
    I don't think that it's a matter of being deliberately lied to. I think the head who interviewed me is so deeply in denial (and to be honest, I think my immediate supervisor is not passing everything on, so desperate are they to keep their position) that he did not realise how badly he was misleading people.
    There are a number of people who for various reasons are stuck in the school so he is not seeing enough people voting with their feet to make him wake up and smell the coffee.
    Yesterday I had my immediate supervisor hijack a planning meeting that they weren't even supposed to be at in order to have something out with me (see previous mention of parents complaining about lack of homework). It made my team and programme coordinator very uncomfortable to be forced to witness it. It is beyond belief that someone would deliberately plan to come to the planning meeting to try to humiliate me in front of my team. As it did not have the desired effect of shaming me into compliance (the only motivation I can think of), all it did was self-undermine as they claimed that what I was doing was disrespecting them and ignoring them hoping they would go away. She was unwilling to hear any of my explanations for what she imagined were my transgressions and kept going on. It wasted our planning time and forced us to go through our break and into our next free period, usually used to organise the reading lesson afterwards, so we went back into our classrooms disorganised and my colleague had the head turn up for an impromptu observation.
    Apparently this is the normal management style for this individual. Two years (less two months) seems a very long time......
  4. Always - super stuff.
    Your situations sound similar though - it is still a shame, is it not, that even though you and vjo38 are working at awful schools with power mad managers, you can't say which school and where it is? I know this isn't *** and the TES are a little hot on this stuff but it can be done, subtly...
    I went into a hardware shop the other day and asked for some turps. The chap accused me of intending to drink it. "EXCUSE ME!" I replied, thoroughly horrified and disgusted with his suggestion. He then relented and got me a bottle from the shelf....
    "Got any, cold?"....[​IMG]

  5. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Sid from Ince: I've read this thread several times, thought a bit and here are my two centimos worth:
    Then you really don't have a moral exit card but if you really can't stand it, do what MM suggests and exit at Christmas with a goodbye email from home, but read on:
    Could you have 'read into' the interview more than you were actually told (I did one at least one occasion) ? Almost every teacher I've ever met was gobsmacked when it occasionally became evident that the HT actually knew what was going on.
    I used to pride myself on the excellence of the detailed information I gave to candidates but there were things it never occurred to me to tell them. One Brit appointee in Africa claimed that she kept seeing MEN from her veranda. BLACK men!
    What I seem to be reading is that there are varying perceptions of the reality within your school. There always are. Mein Jew, your immediate superior does sound like a bit of a ********.
    Still in the realm of perception: parents can be a pain but if they perceive that something is wrong, e.g. insufficient homework, it's easy to address that perception. You could load the kids with homework until they scream or you could invite the parents to a meeting to explain what your doing (clear it with the HT).
    I've experienced everything you mention and far worse but (here you make an important point) my darling Mrs M has always been there to share the angst. The social side is ESSENTIAL for making the chalk and paperclips stuff look silly. Sod the mortgage. Buy a Land Cruiser. Bash the wadis. Join the Amdransoc. Have a few jars. Seduce the nearest nerd - all with demure discretion, of course. The 20 months will fly by and you'll have something solid in your CV.
  6. BondStreetBabe

    BondStreetBabe New commenter

    to explain what your doing
    Oooh ... Captain Mainwaring...time for that spelling spank!
  7. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Quite right. I've always strugled with my speling. Espeshally after the therd glass.
  8. Bondstreetbabe - 'your' naughty...
    Now, where's my spank?

  9. BondStreetBabe

    BondStreetBabe New commenter

  10. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    As ever FP is lowering the tone of the thread. What began as a reasonable discourse has disintegrated into something perverseand and lurid. I'm sure BSB is a decent young woman who would not be interested in spanking anyone, let alone some camel jockey.
    (If, however, I'm wrong and BSB is into the spanking thing, please PM me with further details...[​IMG]. It gets rather lonely out here.)
  11. Oh dear. These middle aged men and their strange delight in the idea of being spanked like naughty children reminds me of a rather stomach churning end of year party I attended years ago. Elderly gents dressed as masters swishing a cane over rugby players dressed as school boys. Where's Cynthia Payne when you need her?
  12. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    I am very pleased to be able to say that I do not frequent that kind of party.
    I've no idea but sounds as if you may be able to tell us (but don't, please).
  13. Think that bit is quite important, eh? [​IMG]
    MM - lower the tone? Think you have ruffled more feathers in a few weeks than I have in a few years, darlin'.
    And fair play to you.

  14. I have been there... I've sent u a pm

    chin up x
  15. that was for sidinz by the way
  16. Your reputation precedes you?
  17. Ok, is this normal?
    I've just learned that two staff members (including the head) are flying to a conference. The head is flying first class and staying in an executive suite. He also lives in a palatial home, drives a luxury car and his kids have paid places at a nearby expensive expat school.
    Meanwhile the rest of us are struggling with a lack of resources and facilities and with half the pay that they get at the expat school.
    Are such perks par for the course or am I being nit-picky to resent this? We are also currently in the process of putting together a one-off coffee table book as a gift for the country's leader which involved bringing in helicopters to take aerial photos etc. All window dressing, of course. I do have to wonder at the educational priorities of the establishment.
    The medical cover promised turns out to be only available during school hours and involves going to a certain rather dirty hospital where we get to sit cheek-by-jowl with shackled prisoners. Many staff therefore, end up going elsewhere and paying it out of their own pocket.
    We have just been issued with an edict that states that we must not mention (among other things) any Greek/Roman or other pre-Christianity gods (so I guess I won't be teaching the origins of the names of the days of the week or planets, then), let alone intimate that Easter, Christmas or Halloween exist (despite the displays in local shops), cannot read Cinderella, Babe the Sheep Pig, Charlotte's Web or various children's tales or even say the words 'liar', 'thief' or 'cheat'. Any words of wisdom on how I can inculcate honesty and academic honesty withour recourse to these words?
  18. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    So what? It has absolutely nothing to do with you. When you've managed to stay the course for ten years of unbroken contracts you can become a Head yourself and set your own priorities for the school (if the Board/ Owner will let you).
    Nowt to do with you either.
    Easter and Christmas are pre-Christian? I wouldn't bother about Hallowe'en either, which has been unrecognisably distorted by commercialism.
    You expected to be able to talk about pigs to Muslim children? What are you going to call the teddybear? Does it occur to you that your school's 'edict' might be doing you a favour?
    'Always tell the truth.'
    'Don't steal/ Respect other people's property.'
    'Don't cheat/ try to gain any advantage you don't deserve.'
    In other words, approach issues positively rather than negatively. You'll find it a refreshing change.
  19. I do all of the time. Not for any reason really. Maybe our Muslim kids are bit more...world-wise. I even refer to some behaviour as 'pig ignorant'. Or even, "Guess what's in my sandwich that we can't share....?"
    And I use the words liar and cheat too! Not thief, yet...but I would. If they are lying or cheating, I say "don't lie" or "don't cheat". If someone was going to sack me for that, I would say "Don't be a c**t!" [​IMG]
    But, I agree about management travel. Who cares - I have no idea what class my bosses travel in? He/she's the boss. All I know is I wouldn't want to be on that plane going to that meeting. And would I take a Headship or higher for a big house and a Merc.? No, I wouldn't.
    Sid, old chap, I used to be a bit like you, but then I found the turps. Go on, you know you want to...
  20. ...and then leave, of course.
    Come on sidz, where is this hell on earth? Saudi, Kuwait?


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