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Stargazing (yes ... this is about tonight's TV viewing)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I am very disappointed in this .... too dumbed down

    Perhaps it is the only way to increase "new" interest

    Patrick Moore ... good job he is still alive else he would be spinning
  2. not sure that Dara O'brien (sp?) was a good choice
  3. Well he has a degree in Theoretical Physics so I guess he was best of a possible bunch
  4. I was really looking forward to it, but yeah it's a bit too dumbed down. I'm rubbish at Physics, but it's far too easy for me! I was looking forward to having my brain stretched.
    Plus, Brian Cox's mouth is far to red for me. It's putting me off the programme!
  5. I am liking the bit now about lava

    I was not aware such places existed
  6. That lava looked awesome... closest I've been to anything like that is in New Zealand and the geothermal fields in Rotorua... amazing
  7. There was one segment where he seemed to be wearing rather a lot of lip salve - it put me off.

    I'm not quite sure what to make of the programme. Perhaps they want to whet the appetite of those with a marginal or latent interest, particularly as there seems to be a lot of 'events' planned around the regions. I was hoping for something a little more focused rather than sampling lots of different aspects.
  8. No, I thought that it was fine, I can see it developing into something along the lines of spring watch. Personally I teach science, I have a physics degree and though that they had the level fine, anything more and Brian would have had to have his blackboard out and lots of equations on them!
  9. It was not the lack of theory that made me feel short-changed ... rather the magazine nature where it jumped about from place to place and topic to topic ... the bits of theory they did were ok ... as I said ... perhaps it has been designed to appeal to a new/younger audience
  10. I think that live telly has to be lime that to support the work of the presenters. The one show and spring watch are the same. It was what I expected as it had to be different from wonders of the solar system and I think he is working on wonders of the universe, which are programs you have to sit through with a narrative. The magazine format meant I could go and put the veg on while liz was chatting and not miss Brian!
  11. Ah-ha!
  12. You are probably correct about the "live" show SS

    I posted the OP just after the Wossy bit which I found completely random
  13. Just been out in the garden with the kids and saw about 10-15 shooting stars in around 20 mins. Good fun but a sore neck now!

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