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Standing down from post

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Herbie3, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever resigned from their role as Head of Subject due to poor results? I seem to be in this position now (based on a few years of poor grades) and am quite desperate for some advice.

    Many thanks in advance of any suggestions
  2. Fortunately, no, I have no experience of this. You seem to need some feedack, however, and as no-one has replied then I shall try :)

    You give no indication of any analysis of why there have been poor results. This kind of information is vital to anyone being able to offer advice:

    1. What are the staff like - any decent ones, any struggling, near retirement, maternity, promotion etc?
    2. What are the kids like - able, weak, literate (or not), ethnic proportions, etc etc
    3, What's the subject?
    4. How long have you been in post, how did you come to be promoted or did you join the school in post?
    5. What has your support (from LM, Head, other members of dept.)
    6. Which groups of students are doing poorly, or is it all of them?
    7. What courses do you offer? Are they the most appropriate for the students you teach?
    8. How long do you have to turn the situation around?

    That's just off the top of my head.

    Apologies if you have already tried/covered all of this, but that isn't clear from your post and is probably why you have no responses.

    That, or the bloody scorching weather is keeping people away from their computers...
  3. Thank You for replying during your weekend! I apologise for being so vague -i am just aware of giving too much telling detail but obviously went the other way!! I have been in post for about 3 years and whilst we have good staff now it has only been very recently that this has been the case and we previously had some quite serious staffing issues which willl have had an impact on the current GCSE due to their KS3 teaching and quite a few teacher changes -some during Y10. Our students are very able but don't prioritise our subject (not one of the ones that will get them a place for the popular uni courses!) and whilst results have improved it is the B to A grades that we are struggling with. It is widely acknowledged by the teaching staff that the students have a poor work ethic and whilst they work well in school don't appear to do so outside of lessons. I was appointed after having taught in the school for some years and despite the poor results i am confident i am held in good regard by colleagues and SMT and i have a good number of Grade 1 observations under my belt as well as having been praised for intervention strategies. I have no doubt that the course we teach is suitable and there has been an improvement in results since i was appointed but it is simply not good enough and the expectations are not unrealistic either. I haven';t been given a time frame to turn things around but i think this will be the year they will be expecting to see more positive change. Of course i'd like to be positive and hope that Thursday will come out ok but i do need to plan my next move and prepare myself for the worst. Without being arrogant i believe I am good at my job, i am good with my staff and the students, i know the exam system (and fought last year against incompetent marking and practice from the exam board) and how hard i work has never been in question and whilst i don't think anyone would want to get rid of me i understand that targets have to be met. I suppose the last resort would be to get an advisor in but i need to know how to handle the conversation with SMT so as to not come across as someone who should just be targeted for easiness. I hope this is enough information to go on -i am just aware of the fact that this is a very public forum.
    Thanks for your post
  4. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    If you can identify (with figures) where and why the results are weak, against the individual students' anticipated levels, then you'll have a better chance of arguing your case. I'm assuming you're in an option subject, and probably a threatened / endangered one, but if you're Head of Dept you end up carrying the can. You'll have analysed your results by teacher / group and against each student's expected level, I'm sure. Make sure you have a strategy worked out, and don't be defeatist. Manywork hard, but if you go into that meeting with "Kick me" written on your backside - that's what you'll get. An advisor ( if you can find one) can be useful, but you really do sound down. For that meeting you are dreading, identify:
    * How staff changes have affected groups/courses/results - and what you intend to do about it, both short term and longer term.
    * How you intend to encourage / develop student committment out of hours
    * How you will improve your subject profile and take-up - option groupings? What you are competing with?
    * How you can improve the courses - possibly changing them?
    * What is good and positive, and that you can build on
    * What you need / what it will cost to improve
    * What back-up / resources / support you expect from Top Brass
    and I'm sure you'll think of other points. Have statistics - other similar establishments' figures, bar charts, diagrams, etc, and handouts. Have a written outline "3year plan" or similar.
    You sound at present as if you're feeling more like taking a pre-written resignation letter in with you!! Don't. You can sort through this, it's happened to others - and would you really enjoy being in someone else's Department and doing their plan, rather than your own? How would existing staff feel? How would your students feel? Relieved? - or deserted?
    Just think: most of us have had something similar hit us at some time or another. When you're down: the only way is UP! Good luck with that meeting.

  5. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    Well? how did it go? I do hope it all worked out okay

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