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Standardised reading test for comprehension and accuracy.

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Lia, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Lia


    Hi, I am currently studying for a masters in education. As part of my exam assignment I need to devise an intervention using a pre and post test design. I have been told I have to use a standardised test which must be an accurate measure of what I propose to implement, has to be feasible and I need to explain the scoring. Looking online I have found the York assessment, which tests reading comprehension and accuracy but it needs to be administered individually, taking 20-30 mins per person. I need to have 80-90 participants. So this time scale pre and post test would be unrealistic. Does anybody know of a standardised test for reading comprehension and accuracy/speed for year 1 that could be administered on a whole class basis or on the computer. Also needs to be one which has the scoring explained online! Many thanks.

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