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Stages with walking, how long?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by wormburger, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. LO has been cruising the furniture for about 6 weeks and yesterday suddenly started using her walker properly. She's spent most of today doing laps of the house with it looking very pleased with herself! She's 14 months so was quite late I think to get to this stage, she's tall and not light so may be that's something to do with it.
    Anyway, what I was wondering was how long it took everyone's LO to go from walking with a walker and cruising to 'the real thing!' ? I know it's an individual thing but I'm trying to work out whether I should buy proper shoes now, whether to 'save' certain clothes for when she's walking etc. She's very anti holding onto our hands and walking, and sits down as soon as their offered so maybe she's not ready.
  2. I didn't bother with shoes until LO was confident in walking and wanted to walk outside. I read soemwhere that feeling the floor with their bare feet helpsthem learn to walk, but really I couldn't be faffed putting on and off shoes when i was nappy changing.
    This makes me sound like a terrible mum, but LO walked across the living room unaided at the start of September (13months) but I can;t think about how long he was cruising before that. i do know that from those first unaided steps to confident walking happened surprisingly quickly. Thinking about it now, he was cruising at the atart of Aug and that's when I got shoes for outside.
    There was an annoyingly long phase (it felt liong anyway) of everytime I sat down he'd come over and yank me bbyt the hand to get up and walk him round the house.
  3. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Hey wormburger. My little boy was cruising the furniture for ages (a month or 2) but as soon as he had mastered the walker he took his first steps within about 1 week :eek:) His first steps were 2 days before his first birthday and now at almost 14 months he can just about run haha! Also, we only just bought his first pair of shoes yesterday as had heard it best not to rush into getting shoes - I asked in the shop when he had taken his first steps and they said to wait until he had been walking confidently for 6 weeks. They were £32 - expensive!!! xx
  4. Thanks so much, all really helpful. I am in no rush to get shoes however my issue is to do with going outside. She loves climbing on those mini fort type things on play grounds but I'm not sure whether she should be doing it in just socks? Plus it's quite cold for her outside with just socks on and I'd like her to be able to practice with the walker in our garden. Does anyone know of any 'inbetween' type shoes that aren't so ruinously expensive?!
  5. I know Clarks do crawlers and cruiser style shoes for about £20, if you have a branch of "Brantano shoes" near you they will be cheaper. I bought some when my little girl was trying to walk and they were perfect - though to be honest she preferred walking on her knees!!
  6. My LO is just starting to walk properly and I don't want to put her in 'hard' shoes for as long as possibly. We are using Inch Blues (£18), they have about a thousand different designs and they are perfect for walking on slippery surfaces where socks would be useless. For the wet and cold I am getting her a pair of fleece lined shoe covers to put over her soft shoes.
  7. My LO is an outdoor kind of chap and not walking yet (apart from when you hold his hands) (just turned 1) - he crawls around everywhere and we were worried about him grazing his feet/getting wet and cold after he wore holes in a pair of socks and then some slipper type shoes as well we bought him these
    They were not £26 but £9 as we managed to get to the Startrite factory outlet in Norfolk - they measure like in an ordinary shop but the shoes are seconds (not that you would notice). It was full of families getting all the kids kitted out for winter - they even had a separate entertainment area because of the wait - I think it's quite a closely guarded secret!
  8. My little man is not walking (just 1) has been cruising for about 3 months now. He was doing that before crawling - seems odd to me. Re shoes - I didn't want to until he was walking but we were going away to the coast in October and like you, wanted some warmth (he pulls off pods and socks) so went to get some soft trainers, unfortunately, he measured a 4 and the shop didn't do soft soles so I ended up going to Clarks and getting cruising shoes. I was sooooo annoyed but didn't want his feet getting cold. I think they were £22 and his feet don't seem to have grown anymore
  9. Clarks pre-walkers / cruiser shoes were 22 quid. Lasted a month. Makes me feel a bit ill at how expensive keeping him in shoes will be. Wish i had a factory shop nearby!
  10. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    My aunt's a physio and says do without shoes as much as poss, only put them on outdoors. 14 months is stillnormal.
  11. Glitter you were just unlucky their feet have growth spurts so although shoes are expensive they dont always need a new pair monthly! My daughter had the same cruiser shoes for 3 months then when she started walking they shot up a size practically overnight. Her next couple of pairs didnt last that long but her next pair lasted about 4 months and all have lasted at least 3 since. I wonder if starting walking actually makes them spread/grow?
  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My son is 2 and 5 months and has had about 5 or 6 pairs of shoes so far. He cruised at 9 months and walked confidently at 12.5 months, and we bought his first shoes at 14 months Now he probably has new shoes every 3-4 months. He's size 8 now - bigfoot [​IMG]

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