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Staffordshire or the Wirral?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Kittyhime, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Since completing my PGCE RE in June I've been living and working in the Lancashire/Cumbria area, and let's just say that the work has not been great (only 3 days this term), and as my partner will be completing his PGCE this summer we really need to be in an area with better prospects.
    Luckily we have two areas which we could move to, the Staffordshire Moorlands (which gives access to South Cheshire, the Derby area, plus most of Staffordshire) or the Wirral (with access to Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire). Can anyone give me advice as to how the supply market is in these two areas? Any help will be welcome.
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Perhaps somebody who lives in either of those area will be able to help, but generally I would say supply is pretty dead everywhere and non-existant in the Rural South.
  3. I live near the wirral - Cheshire West and I have had 10 days supply since October half term in primary. I would say there is not that much about but better than some areas! If you are willing to travel which I can't do then there may be more.
  4. I'm in the North West. I've averaged about 2 and a half days each week since the middle of September. I'm only signed up with one agency.
    I've spoken to others who have had full weeks most weeks with same agency and supply with Sefton council.
    Hope this helps x
  5. I know supply is hard to get no matter where you are at the moment but I'm sure some areas are better than others, especially the area I'm currently in which is surrounded by large teaching colleges!
    Thank you mere57, I had a feeling that there might me a bit more work nearer the bigger cities so I will definitely mention this to my partner (although as he's from the Wirral I doubt he'll need persuading). I do have a car and am willing to travel quite far for work so this area is sounding quite hopeful, and 10 days is still better than my 3!
  6. I'm a primary school supply teacher in Merseyside. This is the 6th year I have worked for Wigan and Sefton MBCouncils who run their own agencies. I used to be able to get 3+days a week between the 2 LAs. Supply has however slowly declined but this term has been DISASTROUS. 7.6 days since September - 4 from a school I know, 1.6 from one of the agencies which led to another 2 days in the school I had been sent to. So for primary supply there is very little around. I have some friends who do Secondary supply but they have not had much either but perhaps a bit more than me. I have no experience of working for private agencies which cover St Helens, Liverpool and Knowsley LAs so I don't know if they have are offering much work. I hear that St Helens' primary school are using TAs a lot to cover for teaching staff absences.
    I hope this is of some help.
  7. I did supply in north Staffs for 18 months (including one or two schools in the Moorlands area), and there isn't loads of work here
  8. Geography and in the North West. Had practically no work and the agencies (I'm registered with five) have been honest enough to tell me that there's not been much coming in.

    I really think it depends on your subject though as I'm guessing science and maths will always be more in demand.
  9. Thank you for all of your advice so far! Both myself and my partner are secondary RE so we're not likely to be overrun with supply work (if either of us need it) but it does seem that moving to the Wirral come summer is the best option for us if we find ourselves in that position.

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