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staff room behaviour

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by reena2706, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    So would you have ASKED for a drink of water if the only other adult in the room happened to be the Headteacher?? I think the answer to that question is fairly obvious!
    I do believe you probably would get a drink for the TA if she had asked you, but my point is that she wouldn't! My "problem" is that you seem to think that an experienced member of staff is there to serve you, when in fact her time is there for the children. "TA" stands for "TEACHING assistant", not "TEACHER'S assistant". You're an adult, get organised and carry a bottle of water for goodness sake, and let the TA get on with supporting the children!
    I totally agree with helping other people, but not in demeaning others because you happen to be half a rung up the school hierarchy ahead of them.
  2. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    So would you have asked the Headteacher for a glass of water if she had been the only other adult in the room? I think not.
  3. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    And by the way, soweary/canard - why have you changed your user name?? I would be relieved to find out that you were trolling to get a reaction and that your comment wasn't really serious! If you are being serious - you mentioned that you were disciplined for your action - does this not mean that yout TA wasn't happy at your "request", and/or that your HT thought that you should get off your own bottom and get your own drink?
  4. chrisoakey

    chrisoakey Occasional commenter

    Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons: if TAs are "teaching assistants," why don't they do any "teaching"? They do a valuable job as "learning assistants" in my school, ie. They help SEN pupils with their work. That, in my view, is not exactly teaching. They should be re named Learning Assistants, then their role as assisting the learner not the teacher would be crystal clear and teachers should not demean them or treat them as lackeys.
    BTW I certainly would ask the Headteacher for assistance by fetching a glass of water if I was close to fainting or coughing and losing my voice. Why not?
  5. Ii really beggars belief that this thread has reached 12 pages. Seriously have you heard yourselves, get a grip for goodness sake.
  6. In our school they are called Learning Support Assistants but then am not sure if there is a difference between those in primary and secondary. And as for all this from Internationalschools - leave the poor teacher alone. So she had an off-day, felt poorly and asked for some assistance. Couldn't care less whom she (and apologies if they are a he) asked for a glass of water. Personally think the HT was out of order - they should try asking about situations and then judging them. Isn't that what we are supposed to do with the kids??
  7. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    I work in ASN with nursery nurses and pupil support assistants. We all make each other tea and coffee - it just depends on who is first in the kitchen.
    I have worked in a number of schools and in other work environments and have never had free tea or coffee provided. We have a kitty - we just put in couple of pounds when supplies are low and a few of us take turns in going to the shops.
    We don't take hot drinks into the nursery when the children are in.
  8. Actually I have 3 user names as I use 3 different machines depending on where I am!! The HT disciplined me as I thought I had asked my TA for a cup of coffee as my water arrived in a white coffee mug which he saw on my desk. Once explained, he was ok - he had no problem with my asking for a drink of water. On Parents' Evening HE makes the teas and coffees and brings them round .
  9. Actually I have 3 user names as I use 3 different machines depending on where I am!! The HT disciplined me as I thought I had asked my TA for a cup of coffee as my water arrived in a white coffee mug which he saw on my desk. Once explained, he was ok - he had no problem with my asking for a drink of water. On Parents' Evening HE makes the teas and coffees and brings them round .
  10. grrrlatrix

    grrrlatrix New commenter

    In reply to those complaining about the length of this thread.

    You can't dictate what should matter to people. Perhaps it's easier for some people to contribute to something fairly trivial and feel more comfortable discussing such topics in public.
  11. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    Bestmate, this is called a FORUM - in other words, if you post here, others are entitled to disagree - just as you're entitled to disagree with me! If we want TA's to make the drinks, there's a simple solution - put it in the job description! If someone applies for a job that includes waitressing, that's fair enough, in the same way that they can apply for a cleaning post. I just don't agree with menial tasks being sprung on people who come to work expecting to do a skilled role.
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  12. Leebeez

    Leebeez New commenter

    I worked in school in a wine-producing European country a few years ago and they used to put a bottle of red wine on the table in the staff room every day. I can asssure you that the staff were very happy indeed!

    I now work in SE Asia in an international school and it provides free lattes, mochas, cappuccinos from a nice machine - we even get fruit and indian breakfast food once a week. I'm happy to sign another contract for the next couple of years ....
    IDunno likes this.
  13. Leebeez

    Leebeez New commenter

    Sorry - just inadvertently increased the size of an already massive and very old thread
  14. red_observer

    red_observer Star commenter

    Management provide tea and coffee at break and on staff meetings and Inset.
    Some older sages think is a bribe!
    taking it to the classroom to drink in front of kids must be a no no though surely (though water is probably ok).
    also what happens if you drop your cup and scalds a kid?!
  15. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    When I was a part-time teacher in Colleges of FE, we had a quarter of an hour's pay docked if we had a coffee break. It was a disgraceful way to treat people who had given up really good jobs in commerce and industry to bring their skills to Colleges of FE. In offices we had proper coffee breaks and fresh coffee was freely served to us. This is the standard of appreciation that we were used to but found things changed once we became teachers.
  16. palmtree100

    palmtree100 Lead commenter

    They do. They teach groups of children on a daily basis. Sometimes whole classes.
    First Snowdrop likes this.
  17. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

  18. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    I do far far more teaching now I am a teaching assistant than I did when I was a teacher
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  19. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    This thread was finished 4 years ago, until someone decided to resurrect it!
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  20. delmamerchant

    delmamerchant Established commenter

    I agree that schools should have cafeteria type facilities in the staffroom where they sell a variety of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches etc.

    Prior to going into teaching I would have been astounded at the thought of drinking a beverage whilst teaching but with break duty, planning, decreased lunchtimes, teaching across split sites, teacing in 4-5 different classrooms in a day, I now fully understand that some may take a safe thermo cup into the classroom, or even a bottle of water.

    in some schools, the breaktime pips go five minutes early, so pupils are lined up outside of the classroom before break is over- you may not have finished your beverage.

    I do not see it as unprofessional as having attended many conferences, lecturers always have some sort of beverage available to them.

    As for non teaching staff making it...I am speechless..WTH. ALL different but equal comes to mind!

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