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staff room behaviour

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by reena2706, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. causabon99

    causabon99 New commenter

    Drinks cabinet in the Staffroom, and a large G&T before lessons with some of the groups I teach would be ideal.
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  2. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    I haven't read all 10 pages of this, but just had to comment on something I read on the first page. I'm appalled that a teacher told a TA to get her a glass of water and then has the nerve to complain when she is disciplined. The clue is in the name - TEACHING assistant, not TEACHER'S assistant. TA's are skilled workers there to help the children learn, not to be handmaidens to teachers. I'm sure that poster wouldn't like their HOD of Headteacher to ask her to be a skivvy, so she shouldn't expect it of others. All staff should be treated with respect, and not be required to wait on others. having kitchen staff making drinks as part of their job description is one thing, but TA's don't sign up for the job expecting to be waitresses. Or maybe that poster would like the TA to nip out and pick up her dry cleaning, or pick up something she has dropped on the floor??? Disgusting.
  3. (I have not read ALL the pages)

    So the non-teaching staff should make the teaching staff drinks; what next tip their hats and curtsey?

    I can understand IF a person was hired to make the tea as a separate role like a housekeeper.

    So the TA's, Cover supervisors, On site team, Secretary's, finance staff, reprographic staff, etc. would stop WORKING in the role they were employed to do so to make the tea? and at what educational and /or financial cost?

    Cover supervisors have a responsibility to stay for the entire lesson would they be expected to leave the lesson to make a teachers tea? And if they made the tea during break-time would they get a break?

    Regarding coffee in a classroom the staff are given a break and OK drink it in the classroom when the pupils are not in the room ,but only in YOUR break, after all you are paid to teach during lesson time.
    There is also the safety issue of risk of burns if a hot drink is in the class with pupils.

    Of course the staff should be able to drink water in class to hydrate.

    If this is their biggest problem they should think themselves lucky in life.

    We are lucky that during briefings our wonderful catering team do provide hot and cold drinks for ALL the staff if required but this is included in their role.

    PS We never have an issues who makes thee tea/coffee at our school.
  4. DISCIPLINED? FOR THAT? That is insane. The TA should be disciplined for being such a cow. If He/she was not happy doing it then he/she should have said so at the time.
    It was clearly a Health & Safety issue and you would have been perfectly entitled to have not gone to the lesson until after you had had a "reasonable break". That is the law on breaks at lunchtime, and you clearly had not had one.
    We are lucky in our school. 1600 on roll and no staff room. How do we manage? We all have faculty rooms or offices. Everyone is allowed to make drinks or microwave food, some have toasters.
    Some staff take drinks into lessons but it is usually only after a break that they missed. All are allowed water in lessons but kids do take advantage if given the chance.
    I was once doing faculty detention duty, in my early career, and my Head of Faculty, a very lofty position at the time, not only made me a cup of tea but even brought me sugar and a spoon! And both of us are male! (That may seem sexist but I am in late fifties and he is long retired and this happened a long time ago!)
    Why should a TA be expected to do any tea making or bottle filling? If a child is handicapped then there may be a slight reason for it but otherwise I thought they were there to assist the teacher, isn't that what TA stands for? Teaching assistant? The clue is in the title. So bottle filling etc should be done by the students themselves, TA's are not servants. But it does not preclude a colleague doing a favour for a colleague who is in difficulty or discomfort. We all do it for each other. How many of us have taken a cover for another colleague who was up against it? Or handled a difficult student?
    What are we coming to?
  5. No you didn't even read this post properly, it said she ASKED the TA to get her a drink of water as she was feeling faint having not been able to get a drink since before her first break. as she had not had a break herslef at all.
    If the TA didn't want to do it, even though she was filling a student's bottle ANYWAY, then she only had to say so. Doing it then complaining about it to the point where the staff member got disciplined is basically setting a trap for the teacher. This looks to me as if either there was bad blood between these two, or the TA is one I would not like to have anyway near me, either in the classroom or in the school, as he/she must be an utter cow. We all do favours for each other at times of stress, but not this TA apparently.
    AND NO, it is NOT a TA's job to wait on anyone, student or staff. Being a decent human being is another thing.
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  6. It is not a problem for me either in a private school with 5 students.
    We,the staff, buy coffee and teas and prepare it in the brake to have always a hot drink.Sometimes I drink it in class,especially when I have to talk rather long hours.My voice just disappears and no sound is coming out-that is a professional problem.
  7. I have tried to introduce cups with lids at our school, but although most of the ta's have adhered to this request, most of the teachers have not. I think as part of their responsibility for health and safety of thenselves or others, they should be doing so.
  8. I am sorry you found the behaviour disgusting - perhaps if you had read the original post carefully , you would have realised the TeachingAssistant was ASKED not TOLD and that the teacher concerned had felt faint as a result of not having been able to take any breaks for various reasons. Perhaps you would also have realised that the TA also filled a child's drinking bottle at the same time. The reason the teacher was disciplined was that the HT- in his ignorance - saw theTA coming back with a mug and suspected coffee was contained within!!! (A Health and Safety issue in itesel!) I think you will find most Teachers have an extremely professional relationship with their Assistants and neither treat them as skivvies nor as personal assistants. Perhaps, your own experience of Teaching Assistants has not been so successful. I have taught for over 30 years and would count my Teaching Assistants as friends as well as colleagues, so to be honest am hurt by your comments!!!
  9. er......I have a kettle in my room. but i also make a coffee in the senior leaderslittle staffroom and pinch their coffee and milk. i carry this to my room (i know health and safety on corridors, but the kids clear a path and more often than not, kids not there.) I allow the kids to have bottles of water or orange juice on their tables as nowt worse than being thirsty. i draw the line at food outside of form time in the morning. in lessons no food but they can drink. so i can drink too. am quite relaxed about it. at the school am going to next the boss has worked out it costs £1000 to have a member of staff provide tea and a brew each morning breaktime - in return he gets pleased teachers who come down to the staff room and socialise and enjoy. win win for me. to me, kids learn more if they are relaxed and they know you trust them - with a bottle of water. it's a bit more homely too if am sat there discussing something wioth the class as a whole and a brew in my hand. BUT on the last day of the year 11's lesson, i make them all a brew. fair is fair! (I have not tended to bother with capital letters, so please do not mark this!!)
  10. i also think when it comes to coffee and food and kids and teachers and stuff, we are so liable to get our knickers in a twist over everything! TA's though arethere to assist kids. if you want to hire someone to make a brew then it has to be someone from catering. and please, if we cared that much about health and safety then every single class room in this country would have decent ventilation and temp controls - it does not and the government is trying to remove the minimum temp as we speak. schools only play lip service to H&S anyway. it's too expensive.
  11. I am quoting soweary for the benefit of jphammond. It does not say anything to indicate that the TA complained about fetching the water. The TAs and teacher shared tea making duties happily enough, so why assume this is an instance of the TA acting maliciously ?
  12. Check out your insurance! At our school we are insured to have drinks on the playground but not in class when children are present. We have a mounted wall heater which gives out boiling water for drinks so is always "on the boil." Sometimes a TA will make a drink for a teacher on duty or their own class teacher but it is not "rule of thumb!"
  13. We are all part of a team so does it matter who makes the tea? It should be an 'if I make one for me I'll make one for you' arrangement. TA's are worth their weight in gold and if I had the time I would make it for them every time! As for tea and coffee - why not take water into the classroom? Sometimes I can't get a break from 8.50 to 12.15 and water hydrates whereas tea and coffee do the opposite. However, on a cold playground, we'd all appreciate a cup of something warm.
  14. Where I work nothing is provided and I have lost count of the number of times I have found my coffee or milk has been 'borrowed' and never replaced. We do have a main staffroom, but walking there and back takes 10 minutes off any breaktime. It is frowned upon if we are caught transporting hot drinks and food from the dining area to our offices. Water is allowed in classrooms for both students and staff, but definitely no hot drinks or alternatives for staff.
  15. Sally_90

    Sally_90 Occasional commenter

    O a lighter note?? [​IMG]
    My TA is like Mrs Doyle (Father Ted fans will understand me!). She always pops up wih a welcoming cuppa for me, and if she sees me flagging, she will just say 'How about a nice cup of tea?'!
    Once, when we were on a Residential, and the Centre staff were leading an on-site activity, she appeared from behind a tree with a steaming hot cuppa-she's priceless and irreplaceable!! [​IMG]
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  16. lejanderson

    lejanderson New commenter

    Just thought I'd chip in...

    I work in a medium-sized primary school. We pay a pound a week for as much tea and/or coffee as we need although those who do not drink either are exempt.

    On the subject of TAs making drinks, the general trend in our school seems to be that, whoever, gets to the staffroom first makes drinks for all the staff from their classroom. For me that's myself, my TA and a one-to-one TA that works in our class. There's no problem bringing these drinks back to the classroom if we don't get time to finish them in the lesson - the children are allowed drinks on their desks which they can sip at anytime - why shouldn't we be allowed a drink too?
    What does surprise me about my school is that we are allowed to carry cups back to the classroom. Usually they are put into plastic containers to be carried more stably (lidless lunchbox or similar) but no stipulation for those cups with lids. It's the first school I've been in where I've seen this to be the case. I think after reading this thread I need to go and purchase one - it would just be my luck to have the one child that's not supposed to be inside during playtime tear down the corridor and straight into me.
  17. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Did you provide the cups?
  18. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    To reply to those who made the comment that the TA was "asked" to make drinks rather than "told", I would like to point out that not everyone has the bottle to be able to stand up to their boss and say no. It is hard to see a clear line between a request and a polite order. I'm a HOD, and if my Headteacher asked me to make her a drink, I would feel demeaned but would do it anyway because I wouldn't want to make a fuss and mark my card. TA's are junior to teachers (NOT less important), and their good natures shouldn't be exploited by prima donna teaching staff. Come off it, we're TEACHERS not CEO's of a multinational corporation. We can get our own drinks - and if people work their way up to be a headteacher, then they will get their own PA who will fetch your drinks because ITS IN THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION!!! If its not in the job description, then it is unfair to ask a subordinate to do it. Come to think of it, I'm in a secondary school so don't have a TA, but I have a whole heap of ironing to do. I wonder if I can "ask" one of the cleaners to do it for me? After all, as a teacher, I'm "the big I am" and they should be grateful to wait on me.
    Of course, doing a favour is something totally different. If I saw a colleague in need, I would get them a drink no matter what level they are on, and hopefully they would do the same for me. That's just being human! But its funny that the OP chose to "ask" a TA rather than someone on the same level as them - I wonder why that was???
  19. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

  20. Just what exactly is your problem?!!
    I <u>asked</u> my TA to get me a drink of water as I was on the point of passing out - as I have already explained! She was the <u>only other adult</u> in the room - we do not allow children to refill their own botttles as the hot tap is very hot and as such is a Health and Safety consideration! Hence my TA got me glass of water and a refilled a child's bottle. I would have done the same for her or for any other person regardless of their status within the school.
    Thank God I work in an outstanding Church school where the ethos is to help one another !!!
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