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Staff Laptops

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Kate.Burgess2, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am looking for some advice, my school are looking to purchase new staff laptops and we are currently researching those which are the best/ recommended.
    I would be grateful to hear from people who have recently purchased laptops for staff and their views and opinions.
  2. Do you have an ICT schools department within your LEA?
    We recently bought new staff laptops and I emailed the procurement man who works for ICT schools support within our LEA, who gave me reccomendations. As he works for the LEA they have already done the job of researching the best offers so I trusted that I was getting good value.
    Ours are Ergo Engage 144s and so far seem good. I can find little about it on the internet, but have been told they are generally providors of laptops for businesses.
    In fairness, most fairly modern laptops would suffice as they are generally only used for low performance software and using the internet - it is not as if they are being used to play powerful games etc.
  3. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    We went that route too. They tend to get better deals. What we have found though is that Windows 7 and our old equipment don't like each other at all. Had a nightmare getting the digi blues going, still can't use my magnifier and all of our projectors have had compatibility issues whatever the make or model. Since we can't afford to replace the old equipment it feels like we took a step back instead of forwards and it knocked the shine right off our new laptops. [​IMG]

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