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St. George's Day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ladybird951, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Yes - I know it's not unitl April 23rd!

    Would love to get some kind of workshop with interacticve activities booked to come into school. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks :eek:)
  2. Yes - I know it's not unitl April 23rd!

    Would love to get some kind of workshop with interacticve activities booked to come into school. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks :eek:)
  3. not to have a go, but...

    not sure there will be anything like what you're looking for. it was my understanding that st george's day has never really been a holiday in this country. i remember growing up in the home counties and not noticing it at all. the first time i noticed it at all was in the late 90s driving back to london from dorset and noticing a st george's flag on a church along the A27.

    you COULD do some history about st george (he was from what is now turkey i think?) and how his cross was adopted by the english during the crusades and later by edward III (?). billy bragg wrote about how the flag first really came to prominence during euro 96 and how something started as a marketing ploy was hijacked by the BNP and how "progressive patriots" should really hijack it back! (he points out that in the 66 world cup you only saw union jacks, but then again that is a touchy subject these days!)

    anyway, that's my tupence worth.
  4. Thanks massivegeoff, anybody else?
  5. Scholastic had the story of St. George and some activities a couple of years ago - might be worth searching their site
  6. Can't seem to find anything kingfisherblue, but thanks anyway!

    Very helpful babyboomer.

    Starting to get somewhere now...
  7. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

  8. Brilliant!

    Thanks Sarah :eek:)
  9. its been a few years but our church across the street is st george's.... they had a centenary or smoething of that sort and we were asked to help decorate...
    our year 1/2 class did a re-telling of the story of st george in pictures which we displayed in the windows like stained glass (well the sun shined through them). they were fab,,,intricate and took a long time...we also had some very clever parents create a st george and a dragon n 3 D form..the dragon was chicken iwre and the george was part wire part , what do you call those things you put dresses on in shops? dummies? anyways we made a fantastic display. I still have all the pics we made... they are priceless... it was hard work but brilliant. the children love the story... especially the boys
  10. I like to do St George with my class, I normally stick it into RE & I read them the story, we have made a St George Knight craft before which was one DTLK kids site I think. We have also written the story & made bunting. I am stuck for time this year trying to fit SAT's in & SAT's prep but would love to do more. How much time do you spend on it, a lesson, day, week? I will def try to check out the links one poster has put on. Thanks.
  11. http://www.**********.co.uk/thumbs726-730/sb727prev.html

    Is this any use?

    I never use **********!! We all know why!
    I like to create a friendly dragon in art and then in literacy we write the story 'The misunderstood dragon. Writing from the Dragon's point of view - it wasn't his fault they kept bringing him food - he never asked them to!
  12. From the dragon's point of view:

  13. Grolta

    Grolta New commenter

  14. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Only 18 months after the last post on this thread.

    Enough time for an elephant to be gestated, born and be tottering around!

    Nothing like necroposting, is there!!
  15. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Or spamming ...

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