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St Albans

Discussion in 'Personal' started by MrsBauer, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to relocate 'down south' and like the look of central St Albans. Does anyone live there who would recommend it? I'm a little put off by the crime stats on police.com....:(

  2. Hi,
    I am looking to relocate 'down south' and like the look of central St Albans. Does anyone live there who would recommend it? I'm a little put off by the crime stats on police.com....:(

  3. The evidence suggests that using this to aid any decisions is foolish
  4. That may be, but when you don't know an area well, you have to look at what's available I guess...That's why I'm after people's real opinions
  5. Hi I live in Central St Albans, moved here July 2009 from up north and I love it.
    Great city, lots going on especially in the summer, lots of history and culture and 20mins into London if you are so inclined.
    I wasn't even aware we had high crime rates. I have several police friends and I don't think they would say it was particullarly bad area.
    If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.
  6. Hi! Well that's good to know. I've visited a few times but it's a big move for me and so the opinions of people who live there are really valuable. We're relocating and the close proximity to London is a huge plus for us!
    Are there any residential parts you'd recommend? We're hoping to rent at first (I say at first...we'd need to win the lottery to buy right now!)
    I'm looking for a job in a primary school- if you teach, do many teaching jobs come up? I've been looking for a while and there's only been one!
  7. Yeah was a huge move for me too, didn't know anyone down here or anything. Just completely uprooted and came here to be with my OH. Have never looked back.
    I teach secondary as does my OH but there are lots of great primary schools around here and I have lots of friends who are primary school teachers.
    We rent in the center of St Albans which is a little bit pricey compared to the outskirts but it's so convienient. I would rent anywhere in St Albans quite happily most of it is lovely.
    When looking for jobs don't limit yourself to St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City are all 10-15minutes away and offer great schools. You could even commute further than that if your willing. Personally I commute to a school about 40 minutes away.
    You sound a lot like me when I was thinking about the move. How old are you and what's causing the move if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Thanks for the advice- it's very much appreciated! I'm 25 and I'm moving from Manchester to somewhere nearer London as my OH has a job there. We had a look around the areas with good train links and just loved St Albans. We are definitely thinking central so we can take advantage of all the great places to go!
  9. OMG we are the same age! Honestly I can't rave about St Albans enough. I love the markets on a Saturday, the festivals in the summer especially the food festival they have for 2 weeks in July. Plus there are loads of lovely bars and restaurants.
    We're currently looking at rental properties ( we want a garden for the summer) and there are lots of pretty good places available at the mo.
    Keep me posted about what you decide to do. Would nice to have a local TES friend[​IMG]
  10. It would be lovely, especially as I won't know anyone! I will keep you posted!
  11. Don't worry, I moved down here knowing no one but my boyfriend. I made friends really fast. My biggest fear that I would never make any new friends, I left a huge circle of friends and family and knew I'd miss being surrounded by people.
    At least if you do move to St Albans we could always meet for a coffee.
  12. good market and shops - two local theatres (arena and maltings - we drive up there to take the kids to them) great pubs
    if your bf is planning to commute, do look at this - forwarned is forarmed - tho i think st albans being a major station it's probably not so bad from there
    do have a good look round at the various estates as well as the centre - tho then of course, you end up driving or bussing in to shop etc
    i like living closer in to london, but if you want to be a certain distance out, it's lovely
  13. From what I can work out, you get more for your money in the surrounding towns/villages compared to St Albans centre. Certainly the reputation of the local high schools seems to have pushed house prices up even more in recent years. My daughter used to live in St Albans near the hospital when she lived in a shared house. When she decided to buy for herself, she could only afford a tiny one bed upstairs flat with no garden in St Albans, so instead bought a 2 bed place in the village of Markyate. She still uses the train into London-there is another new multilstorey car park opened in centre where she parks her beloved sports car.

    There are some lovely villages in the surrounding area and plenty of car parking in the centre of St Albans; Harpenden seems to be cheaper in terms of house prices-I remember checking them in a freebie paper when staying with my daughter; also you could check on rightmove.co.uk as a lot of local agents seem to use it. The traffic also seems to get quite snarled up in the centre in busy periods, so not sure what it would be like to get out of town to drive to work in the morning, if you haven't got a job in walking distance-parking seems to be quite an issue too-some of the nicest places in the centre have double yellow lines outside and no off road parking.
    I can really recommend the Waffle house-lovely food and coffee with plenty of outdoor seating-bases in and around an old water mill-but it gets really busy at weekends
  14. i would prefer harpenden myself if i were to move out - easier to get somewhere that's walking distance to the shops and the station
    however my sil lives there, so not in million, billion light years would i......
  15. in that case Redbourn is very pretty with a nice village green! My daughter's old housemate bought a nice house on the estate near the small tesco-very pretty there too !
  16. Back in 1979, I did my first Teaching Practice in St Albans at a school called St Audrey's. It doesn't appear to still exist. Anyone know what happened to it. I do remember it was the 'less attractive' school in the area.

  17. primary or secondary - doesn't ring a bell - my sibs werestill school age in 79
  18. sounds fun [​IMG]
    there's an onslow st audrey's in hatfield
    schools do disappear - marshalswick for example- but that's easily found by googling - has a feacebook page and all - but not a st audrey's in st albans
  19. Think the memory is playing tricks with me, it must have been Hatfield, although I do remember the journey by public transport from Cockfosters being quite difficult.

    Tough school in the late 70's, but I did enjoy my time there.
  20. Hmm, think the memory might be playing me up, must be Hatfield. Tough school in the late 70's, but did enjoy my time there.

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