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SSTA's Peter Wright 13th May

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by CanuckGrrl, May 13, 2011.

  1. Thank you, Peter Wright, for calling time on division in the ranks when the whole teaching profession is under savage and sustained attack (McCormac is next), and for suggesting the time has come for a new unified structure to represent the WHOLE teaching profession in Scotland based on the SSTA ethos. Bring it on.
    Where do I sign up?
  2. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    After the recent EIS debacle I to moved the SSTA. Many of my colleagues are now doing likewise. Even a primary transition teacher (on supply) was about to move to the SSTA (until somebody pointed out what one of the Ss stood for!)
    I've just read Peter Wright's speech and thought it was spot on. I'm also glad the SSTA is considering opening up membership to other sectors. Also love the fact that they (well we now) are at least going to put up some resistance to the recent proposal.

  3. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    "TOO" you fool!
  4. Since the vote, I have been trying to weigh up my options as a primary teacher. At this time, there are few options available to me so, after listening to yet another EIS balloon spouting on the TV yesterday about what a good deal they won for us all, I took the decision to move my membership to the NASUWT. I probably would have preferred to move to the SSTA but that didnt seem like a viable option due to their constitution.
    As many regular posters on this forum know, I need supply to pay bills. I don't do it for 'pin money' - its an absolute necessity. BUT like many others, my (former) union sold me out and I just could not stomach the fact that I was paying them every month for the privilege!
  5. Freddie92

    Freddie92 Occasional commenter

    I am unsure whether the SSTA should allow Primary teachers in as that kind of ends up back to where the EIS was not best for me in many cases. However I did like the idea of having two separate bodies which could work together, a Secondary wing and a Primary wing.
  6. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    If she works in a secondary school, she should be able to join. Tell her to call o0131 313 7300 to check.
    From the SSTA website ... (NB bullet oint 1)
    Membership is open to:

    • Registered
      teachers working as education support staff, such as education
      officers,advisers, members of local authority education departments,
      development officers, etc.
    • Students studying for a secondary teaching qualification.
  7. I'm about to do the same, Velma. It's a pity that the SSTA hasn't been able to move more quickly to set up a primary division/membership category, whatever, even on an ad hoc basis.

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