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SSM 3 lesson observation Help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by learntosayno, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hi [​IMG] I'm due a lesson observation in the near future and would really appreciate some ideas.
    I work in Nursery and have a group of 16 very easily exciteable children !!!
    The only way to keep them engaged is to keep a very fast pace.I cant help worrying that the normal nerves of an observation will get the better of me.They are a mixed ability group one of which SEN and predominantly boys !!!
    Was thinking of introducing 2d shapes then moving onto a feelybag game.Follow up activity on a shape search outdoors.
    This is where i come stuck. Do i let them look at the environment e.g bricks and various other shapes in equipment or place shapes around ? or both ? only problem is these shapes such as large construction are actually 3D
    Or do an indoor search? this way it would be easy to fix cut out shapes to walls around school. Would do this with a smaller group maybe 8 and tell the rest of the children it is there job to find shapes around the class.
    Would also love to name the children shape searchers maybe give them shape hats or badges.This could be a phsical activity earlier in the week leading upto observation.
    Really need to get this right as its my 1st observation as early years practitioner. And feel i need to prove to myself and others that i am more than up for this job.[​IMG]
    All ideas most welcome . HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really wouldn't worry about the whole 3D thing. If they can recognise the shapes in the environment around them, then as DH, I would be more than happy with that.
    You could print out some pictures of the shapes onto Avery labels (16 on a sheet of A4), then the kids write their names on the sticker before sticking it on an example of the shape they can find in their environment??
    Just an idea, but go with your instincts - afterall, you know the class better than anyone else. Also, lesson observations are also about the discussion afterwards, if it goes a bit awry, but you can identify why, and how you could improve your own practice without being told by your PM leader, then there aren't many heads who would knock you down for it.
  3. Thanks i love the idea of labels i think that could work really well.We have a large outdoor area that caters for 120 FS children.By doing this i can let them run freely then do a short full group pleanary walk identifing and discussing the labelled objects. This would be a good time to note down evidence for profiles. Do you think its essential for the child to actually name the shape or simply see a shape ?
    Thanking you again x


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