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Sshh!! Don't tell anyone but...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Victoria Plum, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I'm tired of being on holiday! I haven't done much this week (granted I was ill with migraine for a couple of days) and now I'm feeling a bit stir crazy and don't quite know what to do with myself. I am STILL in my PJs watching programmes I have recorded and my get up and go seems to have got up and gone.... :(
  2. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I'm tired of being on holiday! I haven't done much this week (granted I was ill with migraine for a couple of days) and now I'm feeling a bit stir crazy and don't quite know what to do with myself. I am STILL in my PJs watching programmes I have recorded and my get up and go seems to have got up and gone.... :(
  3. What?!?! I'm loving bein on hols!! Dreading the thought of going back, I've only got one week left and it makes me wanna cry :'( Who cares if I'm sitting around today doing nothing, it's sooo much better than being at work!
  4. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I did used to find the summer holidays a bit long but I am getting better at them with practice.
    Moving house at the end of the summer term was a great idea. I've had time to shop for new curtains, lights etc. This week I've painted the living room, next week it's the kitchen. Want to come and help?
    Then I've got 2 house-warming parties to organise, another few days away camping, and after losing weight, clothes shopping to do for next term. School work is going to have to wait for the TED days. No time left for that!
  5. I know that feeling. I go stir crazy if I spend all day in house even for just one day. I've been out today and acquired a £35 parking ticket in the process. I didn't look too carefully for parking signs, it's a fairly new resident only parking as it wasn't there last time :(
  6. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    I feel a bit like that today. Still in PJs, no motivation to get up and at it. I am going away for august bank hol and had visions of getting to the gym, not been once yet. I spent the first two weeks off the hols busy and then on holiday, and have been quite productive Mon-Thurs this week but now I am just bored!
    Going back home tomorrow for a few days and determined to get back into an exercise regime soon. First holidays where I have not had loads of school work to do, not really want to waste the next two weeks, but also have no energy or inclination to do much!
    Went down to make some lunch and ended up just having 2 hobnobs!
  7. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I have been away a couple of times since breaking up and have cleaned the house from top to bottom! There are still things I could do but I seem to have ground to a halt today... I am probably just having a bad day. Feeling a bit isolated and bored. :(
  8. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    You are not alone OP! I am soooo bored and just want to get back to work. 6 weeks is great when you have a partner, family or a lot of friends that have the same hols as you but when you are the only single, childless person in your friends it's hard!
    Slowly ploughing through my to do list but the motivation is going and I am becoming nocturnal!! I have been to the gym a lot though and am now researching snowboarding holidays for Christmas.
    Lot sof things to do in the local area etc but have to watch the pennies otherwise you go broke pretty quickly!
  9. Me too. I'm running out of ideas of things to do in this miserable weather. Kids said they wanted to stay at home today, I've got one playing on the x-box and the other in her room reading. I really need the sun to shine.
  10. I have planned a series of treats for myself. 2 lunches per week with friends that I don't see very often when at work, theatre trips - I saw Pygmalion yesterday which was fab! and days out. I start a bootcamp on Monday as have decided i have no more excuses about why I cannot exercise and drop a dress size. x

  11. I've allowed myself too many treats this holiday - trip to London, dinner with friends, shopping - which is why I've got no money left and I'm sitting here cursing the rain.
  12. I'm bored as well and have last all motivation.
    I moved house at the start of the holidays and I've got some stuff to sort out how to get rid of it (charity, tip or the local homeless charity), but I just can't be bothered.
    I've got loads of school work to do for next year (new SoWs etc), but they are taking ages because I can't get motivated. We've not got class lists for next year yet, so I can't start sorting out the first few weeks back, because I have no idea who I am teaching.
    I've also become nocturnal; realised that last summer I would go to bed at the same time as my ex, which meant I went to bed at a sensible time. Now I don't, so I'm getting up late and then taking ages to get motivated. I also should do some exercise, but I have got no money and I hate jogging (dodgy knees and asthma. And a fear of running long distances after the horror of school cross country, even though I haven't done it for 13 years!)
    But on the upside I'm off out for a nice dinner tonight (a friend won a meal for 2 voucher) and I'm off to London tomorrow for a few days (to see an equally skint friend; we're going to the Kensington Museums).
  13. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I think that's the problem - I have all sorts planned for the summer holidays but not actually planned anything for this week. So I don't know what to do with myself and the week is dragging.... :(
  14. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    You can all come and help me lag and board my loft if you're at such a loose end, it's the job from Hell. I'll organise a rota. I've been a busy busy bee this holiday and have so far only had two days away from home, and that was family stuff. Normally I'd be abroad for the best part of a month in the summer hols. I can't believe how much house stuff I've got done. We may get a few days away soon but only if the weather's right. Get your to do lists out and start doing ;-)
  15. I find it really depressing that people, given a stretch of time to do as they please, are so quicly bored. I know having children about can limit you, but surely you can think of something to entertain yourself?
  16. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Lead commenter

    It seems school holidays are wasted on teachers... [​IMG]

    ...and of course at the end of August there'll be threads along the lines of "Anyone else left everything till the last minute?"

    ' Twas ever thus. (I used to do that myself but I can't say I've ever been bored during a holiday, while teaching or since)
  17. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    If you're all so bored,you're welcome to take my place on Monday as it's back to school uphere. Any volunteer?
  18. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I'm not going to say I want to go back to work as I don't. However, this pattern I seem to have got into of getting out of bed when I feel like it, and watching tv for the rest of the day, occasionally wandering into town... Isn't great! But have no motivation to do anything else! How do you get out of this slump!? Someone kick me up the bottom please!
  19. My problem is that I haven't saved enough money for the holiday. I had all sorts of cheap, outdoor activities planned and the blooming weather has scuppered all my plans. My kids persuaded me to take them to the cinema a few days ago. We declined the offer of VIP seats and sneaked our own snacks and drinks in and it still cost me £16! for less than 2 hours entertainment.
  20. I can think of plenty to entertain myself, I just don't want to do any of it! Too much of a good thing wears thin after a while I find.
    I was like this when I was at school too - bored stiff by week 3. All of my friends lived somewhere that was at least 2 bus journeys away, I've no siblings and no friends in the village (they all thought I was strange, what with me Being from The South And Getting in to Grammar School).
    I'm fine in the shorter holidays, it's just the 6 week stretch of the summer that bamboozles me. I'll be fine next week, because it's past the half way point and therefore I get The Fear and start working harder and playing harder. And you never know, I might even get some class lists before the end of next week!

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