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Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by pangar, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. As a trained interviewer and experienced specialist, I am appalled to be told recently that I was not worthy of consideration when:
    a. a charity made a lot of fuss about my being seriously ill last year when I applied to do some voluntary work for them
    b. the college where I was studying BSL assured me that all of the shortlisted candidates met the minimum requirements for interview when the role included specialist skills and qualifications (which I have in spades) that are in short supply
    I do wonder what value one can place on references, police checks and the like when employers can play so fast and lose with your rights. One is also entitled to ask why the unions are sitting on their hands about such matters. I mention the latter who blithely washed their hands of me when I was summarily sacked from an agency post twelve months ago when I was hospitalised with a serious illness. With protectuion like this who needs opponents who really know how to put the boot in?
  2. I'm not really experienced in such matters but this has obviously really upset you. I sympathise with your feelings that the whole world seems to be against you! It's really tough out there at the minute and what with internal applicants and interview applicants being, as you put it, 'played' it makes it even more frustrating for all of us. Sometimes I wish they would just say 'we have an internal applicant for this post' or 'we have someone in mind already' or ' we are expecting last years NQT to get the job'.[​IMG] It would make life a lot easier for us and perhaps we would go into interviews a little less tense!!
    Sorry for your bad experience. Chin up [​IMG]
  3. You know for all the two bit bulldusters at SMT and inspectorate level, I am still touched on occasion by the noblese oblige displayed by some within my profession. I think of such fellow professionals as I plod on (who said knowing when you're beaten is a virtue?)

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