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Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by SPTAunion, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. The Scottish Primary Teachers' Association is accepting members. For those who are seeking a new union, that will represent ALL its members, regardless of contract status, we are for you.
    Email scottishpta@live.com

  2. Will you be recognised by / have representatives on SNCT and LNCTs ?
  3. No

    But that is my opinion as I will not be a member
  4. To answer. No, we will not be recognised initially by the SNCT and LNCTs, therefore we will not have representatives on those bodies. However, not being on those bodies does not necessarily mean that we will be "voiceless". There are many ways to ensure that our members' opinions are heard by those who need to hear them
    I think we have all learned that having representatives on the SNCT is something different to the act of representing their membership. When you have representatives that blast the deal in public and then sit quietly in meetings, something is wrong. And this "something" will not necessarily be fixed by getting different people into those seats.
    However, I wish well everyone who is becoming more involved in their associations. There is work to be done, where ever your membership is held.


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