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Spring is sprung.... wholefoods?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by The Pobble, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. I feel less SAD/CFS at the moment and the JUDDD diet is going quite well (though the exercise isn't ).
    I thought that I would rekindle a healthy diet, always easier when it is sunnier and warmer (I know, it's colder here too). I love beans and pulses, am a low meat eater etc etc etc and just thought I'd see if I could complicate things any further [​IMG]
    So... does anyone else consider wholefoods? What sort of foods/meals do you consider to be 'whole'?
  2. I always think of whole foods as being those that have not been processed to remove the fibre. Brown rice and wholemeal flour still contain the outside layer of the grain, giving them their brown colour and higher fibre content. I also think of pulses as being whole foods because they haven't be messed around with and still contain all their fibre.
    PS I know what SAD is, but what about CFS and JUDDD?
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - used to be yuppy flu [​IMG]
    Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet - sort of Intermittent Fasting where you restrict calorie intake one day and not the next. Sounds weird but has a lot of interesting science behind it and so far has been extremely easy to stick to.
    I read round a bit more and it seems that, weird OTT (usually American) versions are just that, eat food in as natural a state as possible! Something I have been doing for ages, not 100% but sort of. I am sure that once we have more fresh greens available it will be more doable.
    I'll have a look at the market once it opens, it seems to have a local and organic focus too!
  4. Thank you, should have been able to work that out!
    Sounds like good advice to me. I can remember reading that we should only be eating things that could have been found in our grandmother's larder. No doubt someone will come on here and tell me why this is a daft idea, but I like to use it as a general principle.
  5. My Nana's larder included Angel Delight.... but I'd happily include that every now and then [​IMG]
    I read that if you can't see what it started life as don't eat it! So that's smoothies and juice out!!
    I think I will apply common sense... as little processing as possible, peeling and heating allowed. Mashing and squeezing also allowed.
    And the idea of Nana's larder as a touchstone sounds good to me!

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