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Spring Cleaning...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Do you do it all at once or in little stages?
    I was brought up to do it all at once - the house would have all windows flung open for a weekend and by Sunday evening we would be finished, house from top to bottom.
    I really can't face that anymore, I am too knackered after a week of work, so I do it in stages now. Bathroom and hallway this weekend, kitchen next weekend, etc...
    The only problem with this method is you feel like you will never get finished [​IMG]
    (although I could go and stare at my bathroom for a while and feel all nice and glowy because it is now ...nice and glowy!)
  2. Oh...and when do you do yours?
    We always did ours at the start of Lent - which is when I start now too [​IMG]
  3. Easter holidays is when we do ours. Like you, all windows and doors hung open.
    I find nowadays I do Spring cleans about 3 times a year.
  4. The concept of 'a spring clean' sounds like something out of a lovely Enid Blyton story where you tie headscarfs on, slave away all day with the sun streaming in and stop for breaks of home made lemonade and sandwiches. I don't do one. I clean all the time. Today I hoovered, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floor and painted the grubby skirting boards in the main bedroom. I will get round to cleaning the windows soon. All year I do jobs as and when I can be bothered. I do like the idea of a big spring clean though... Does this mean I don't have to clean for the whole rest of the year? ;-)
  5. I wish. I clean during the weekend but three times a year i clean inside cupboards, clear out wardrobes and generally do all the bits i don't do on a "normal" clean.
  6. I think just cleaning in the first place would be a good start for me!
    OH seems to have gone into spring cleaning mode...he has been banging away up in the spare bedroom all morning.
  7. LOL - wouldn't that be nice?
    Like you, I clean all the time but now and then I like to have a Big Cleaning Session where I pull all the furniture forward, empty the cupboards, chuck loads of stuff out, clean the bits you tend not to do during the week/at weekends, etc.
    I also seem to do it a few times a year - the rest of the year tends to be a bit of manic cleaning after work or at weekends and basically just the stuff you have to do before your abode starts to make a pig sty look like a palace...
  8. I tend to do minor jobs regularly. I can leave skirting boards until SEE the dust...When I spot it I get a cloth and do it there and then. I never have a cleaning plan..or a list of daily duties etc. I clean loos and bathrooms as I go...Same for the kitchen floor. It gets swept regularly but I'll only clean it (down on my hands and knees so I can get into the nooks and crannies - strange perfectionist tendencies lurk occasionally) when I can't stand a sticky spot or something one of my boys has spilled and not wiped up.
    If I have visitors I gut the house. It gets done from top to bottom. (I NEED visitors otherwise my house would never be thoroughly cleaned.) Can't remember the last time I took the heavy curtains down to wash, although my Mum did it regularly. The repetition of housework gets on my nerves. I do what has to be done but often reluctantly.
  9. ok. I need a list of things I should be doing in this big clean...
  10. I know that Mr C hoped that the house would begin to look cleaner now that I am no longer working but I hate housework. I love it when everything looks neat and tidy but just can't make myself do it on a regular basis. I tend to have a furious blitz every now and then and ignore it inbewteen times. I cleaned out the food cupboards today which was very satisfying. The sun is shining now and showing up all the cobwebs I had steadfastly ignored over the winter. I am a ***.[​IMG]
  11. oh, apparently I can't say s l u t. How stupid
  12. Same here - although when I was younger, I was a lot fussier. Now I will reluctantly do what needs doing and then have a big clean every few months or so.
    I definitely notice there was pre-kids CQ (house spotless and tidy) and a post-kids CQ (house generally a bit topsy-turvy and you never seem to get finished!)
  13. haha - I think that will be different for everyone.
    Mine includes things like
    1) chucking stuff out (I actually love doing this)
    2) cleaning out the cupboards AND the tops of them
    3) washing curtains
    4) cleaning skirting boards and door frames
    5) dusting behind the pictures on the wall
    6) tackling the underneath of my settee (always find some strange alien things there)
    7) descaling taps (although I do this inbetween big cleans too)
    8) forcing myself to wash the windows (I hate this bit)
    9) mending clothes (or chucking them), mending anything broken (or chucking them), sorting out toys (or chucking them) - chucking is the preferred method. I find chucking things out exhilerating, it is some deep hidden need within me [​IMG]
    10) tidying out my "lurking spots" i.e. those spots you have around the house where things tend to get dumped (which seems to be just about anywhere in my house but mostly one of the kitchen counters, the sideboard in the hallway and the corner of the settee).

  14. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I do one room at a time...mainly because I physically couldn't manage the whole of my flat in one go ...and it's tiny- just the 4 rooms, lounde, bedroom, kitchen,bathroom and 2 hallways..plus the 'glory-hole' a walk in cupboard just of the entrance hall, which I reckon will be a weeks work on its own - everything gets thrown in there!
    I'm competent at cleaning, but slow. However, compared to Mum I always feel a bit like Pechmarie (Is there an English equivalent?...PitchMary?....from Frau Holle?)....but that's just because Mum has always been borderline OCD with cleaning. (Children weren't allowed to walk on the floors - we had to take our shoes off and then walk on a trail of newspaper across the room!,,,she ironed everything, including socks and hankies - and newspapers and our Monopoly money!....but she mellowed as she got older!)
  15. Calamity Jane?
    Although who would Goldmarie be???
  16. Oh great- another reminder of what a slattern (will that get through?) I am!

    I did the utility room last week cos it was pretty gross. But I have given up. I'll do a room at a time at Easter.
    I'll collect bags and boxes for chucking out recycling in the meantime!
  17. I can only get through it with lots of loud music...
    Strangely, Katy Perry has had my bathroom spotless... (I wouldn't normally listen to her).

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