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Spring Baby Club 2011

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by notsomightymouse, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. OK... this is terrifying and exciting all at the same time. With an EDD of 3rd March I think that classes as Spring (just) so here goes with a new thread!
    Got my BFP yesterday and still in shock, but have already seen doctor due to the hormone treatments I was taking while ttc. Have to take progesterone up till 12 weeks, but the doctor was very matter of fact and optimistic, so going to try and follow suit!
    Well... hope there will be lots of others joining soon.. need to share these crazy feelings!
  2. Wow! When you started ttc bet you never imagined you would be starting the spring 2011 thread!!
    Good luck and hope some mummies-to-be join you soon [​IMG]
  3. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    wowee! a new thread already! congratulations and whilst you're all alone pop over to winter 2010/11 for support, some people aren't much further on than you on there.
    best of luck with everything.
  4. Yay! Great to see this NSMM!
    Hopefully see you here very soon....until then, keep a seat warm for me! x
    Miss B x
  5. It's so exciting many congratulations. I really, really hope i'm going to make it into this thread....
    You should visit the winter thread until someone else joins you... : )
    Beat wishes x

  6. Doh, best wishes [​IMG]
  7. Lots of us on ttc thread are on 2ww. Here's hoping you get lots of new people on here this time next week - me included! x [​IMG]
  8. congratulation, this post made me smile as that was my due date this year and to think this time last year I was getting my bfp and I now have a 16 week old baby. Take care of youself I use to and still float between spring and winter threads x
  9. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    You have given us renewed hope NSMM as there's now a thread many of us strive to join up to who are actually in with a chance. here's hoping!
  10. Thanks everyone. The kind words and good wishes really mean a lot to me. OH is in the middle of his biggest exam week right now so isn't ready to think about telling parents just yet and although I really understand that he needs to put this on hold for a few more days I'm desperate to talk to my mum!
    Trying not to put any more pressure on OH right now as he's coping so much better than I ever imagined and is already being very sweet kissing tummy goodnight and carrying all the shopping home for me. Still... just can't wait to tell my mum as I think she's the only person in the world who has wanted this as much as I have! OH has agreed that I could tell one friend tomorrow though as I really needed to let out all these thoughts whirling round my head and talk to someone who understands... can't wait for some girl talk tomorrow!
    Sending out waves of baby dust to everyone xx
  11. Hello nsmm. I told my mother first on the first occasion - but we've not told anyone else yet (I don't suppose my boyfriend has - I haven't asked him!).I'd like to hold out for a good few weeks before I tell anyone.
    I don't have an EDD which is no big deal, I just hope everything will be ok this time. Feel much better about it than last time, in that respect - although was a little worried yesterday by feeling some tummy pains, but on the whole I'm quite positive at the mo.
  12. wow, spring 2011 babies.. congratulations on your BFPs... hope the next 12 weeks are nice and easy for you and people gradually start to join!

  13. If it helps, I have been having excruciating stomach aches on and off for the last 5-6 days now. Am reassuring myself that at least they have stayed the same, seem to get worse when eating and therefore are not really 'uterus' related, probably more a reaction to the hormones flowing everywhere. Was still worried enough to do another hpt this morning though! Internet cheapies far less reactive than I thought as only got a faint line today compared to early response test which was much clearer from Saturday. Am reassured though as the line is a lot darker than the same brand which I did on Sunday, so levels are going up which has to be good. Am going to let myself use up the last couple of internet cheapies if I want to. Reassurance is always good and am also a little dissappointed in them as they are really not picking up anything like the other tests did.
  14. I can relate to all the tests. I did another one yesterday and it was so strong the control line didn't come for ages and ages - whilst the +ve line was there straight away, and that was in the afternoon.
    Here at work colleague / nemesis is away today at some important meeting and I am trying to figure out how to get comfy enough for a few minutes of shut eye. [​IMG]
    Also, I have just finished another BA (full-time rubbish work & part-time degree study don't mix well) and found out today that I got a 2:1 so that's quite pleasing.
  15. Congratulations on the 2:1 mousee! Know what you mean about work and study as I am just about to finish with the OU this summer... really thinking I need to get on with that asap as the deadline is end of August but would be better to get cracking on last essays now in case first trimester sickness floors me a couple of weeks!
    Just about to snuggle down on the sofa for a rest and an ice lolly... it is so hot here can hardly think straight. Am already so bloated from stomach pains and gas that I look 4 months gone and had to dig out lots of floaty summer dresses as all trousers were feeling too tight. This needs to go down soon or I will be in maternity wear and looking like an elephant already in a couple of weeks!
  16. If it helps- I had lots of stomach pains through the early stages of my pregnancy- they stopped around week 10 I think... and everything was fine... a normal, healthy pregnancy. Pain is 'normal' but if you are worried get to the docs for more reassurance.
  17. notso - I'm so pleased for you! I would definitely steel yourself to get the work done early if you can, as most of us on Winter babies seem to have had morning sickness or at least serious fatigue for most of the first trimester, so get anything you can out of the way! Congratulations to you and I hope you are soon joined by lots of other Spring mums!
  18. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Crikey! What a lot of posts! I tuned in thinking there must be a whole load more BFPs - hopefully there will be shortly!
  19. Well, got the lab results back yesterday and seems I am definitely pregnant! Should have believed it from 5 tests now, but that piece of paper still helped.Really working on the positive vibes... temps are still high, lines got stronger this week... really starting to let myself get excited now. OH jokingly referred to me as 'mummy' yesterday and I burst into tears - had to reassure him they were happy ones! One week to go till next scan... think I will be about 5 1/2 weeks then, wondering if it might be possible to see a heartbeat?
  20. I had a scan at 5+2 and we did see a heartbeat. Don't be disappointed if you don't see it though as my little bean was on 1.8mm at that point! They were suprised to see a heartbeat as it was so tiny!
    Best of luck xxx

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