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Spring Babies 2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by emilee, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all!
    Are there any spring babies due yet? I have just found out I'm expecting my 2nd baby - due date 25th March 2012! It sounds ages away.
    There must be some others??
    I'M SOOOOO EXCIIIIITEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone please calm me down!
    Emilee xxx
  2. Aw this thread made me smile, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since I joined the spring babies 2011 thread! Congratulations!! Such an exciting time! X
  3. Thank you everyone!!!!
    Glitter my little girl is nearly 14 months now - so they will be fairly close together which is what we wanted. Oh and you should definitely be a tart!

  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My two are just under 23 months apart, so yours will be pretty much the same. Good luck [​IMG] My son is 25 months now, and my daughter just over 2 months.
  5. Yes I imagine it keeps you busy!.......
  6. My little boy will be 20 months when no 2 comes along (i just found that very difficult to work out!). My MIL assumed number 2 must be an accident as why would you want two children in nappies!
    I'm hoping all goes well, feeling sick as a dog so that's a good sign!
  7. I have had some waves of nausea, but at the moment I am able to ward it off with light food / boiled travel sweets.
    Last time I threw up 3 - 9 times per day until 22 weeks - took 3 whole weeks of work. Kinda got my fingers crossed the sickness will remain manageable this time round!
    How many weeks are you gk? (if you don't mind me asking!?)

  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    You may as well get it over with i think! It is hard work, but i'm sure any age gap is hard work in its own way. If you waited longer then it would probably be harder to adjust to lack of sleep again.
  9. Wow, it gave me goose bumps to see this thread. Congratulations and a happy and healthy nine months to all the 2012 spring babies [​IMG]

    Beaties xx
  10. My thoughts exactly Chica!
  11. And thank you beaties :) My first was a late Spring 2010 baby - I remember that feeling when you see the next year's thread!
    I hope we get a few more members soon! It is very early on though still...
  12. I agree wholeheartedly!

    I am 10 weeks today emilee. [​IMG]
    your mornign sickness last time sounds horrible! I managed to avoid vomiting until I was 14 weeks and then it was every morning until .... I can;t remember now! I think it was cleaning my teeth that did it! Baking soda toothpaste still turns my stomach!
  13. Great news, Emilee! Very happy to see this thread and a BFP at last![​IMG]
    Hoping to join you here very soon (am on CD25 and have no symptoms but I'll keep on dreaming).

  14. Thank you Lili!
    The first time I got pregnant I had no symptoms...
    This time I had a few symptoms just after ovulation - but 10 dpo they seemed to stop - bizarre! I was convinced it was going to be a BFN.
    Best of luck to you lili x
  15. Congratulations! I'm also from last year Spring thread- have just fed my little spring baby and fingers crossed, hoping she'll stay asleep so I can do a few jobs! I love baby news and can't wait to start ttc again.x
  16. Hi emilee, can I join?! I got my BFP today! So so excited! Can't believe it yet.. I haven't got any symptoms yet.. What about you? It's so exciting to finally be able to join a baby thread [​IMG]
  17. Hi Glitterkid.. thanks! Fertility Friend says my due date is 27th March.. What about you?
  18. Heya cornflower! Great we have another member! Massive congratulations :)
    EDD of 27th March?! 2 days later than me - I'm the 25th.
    Good to hear you have no rubbish sickness just yet - and plus it is the hols very soon (last day tomorrow for my school) so we can spend the most difficult bit in bed minus the guilt!
    Is this your first cornflower?
  19. It is my first.. so don't know what to expect.. Its your second is it? Sooo glad it's nearly the holidays..
  20. I'm 13th Feb. I had it worked out as 14th (ooh, romance!) but doctor said 13th. bit unsure of my dates, so who knows? My boy was due on my wedding anniversary, maybe I like due dates to be particularly romantic?

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