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Spring babies 2010

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by LRRS, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Thought with my EDD of 8th March I was pushing it calling it a winter baby so I'm starting a spring baby club.
    I am 8+4 and baby is doing fine following scan on Sunday. Bleeding has slowed down and I'm feeling more 'normal' after my scare.
    All I need to do now is sort out my disasterous love life and everything will be fab ;-).
  2. Thought with my EDD of 8th March I was pushing it calling it a winter baby so I'm starting a spring baby club.
    I am 8+4 and baby is doing fine following scan on Sunday. Bleeding has slowed down and I'm feeling more 'normal' after my scare.
    All I need to do now is sort out my disasterous love life and everything will be fab ;-).
  3. hi i've been posting a bit on the winter baby thread as i didn't think there were many of us with an EDD in spring my date is 7th march, been feeling pretty rotten, sick generally anytime of the day and today i've struggled to be up for more than 4 hours today. i've had some general aches and pains in my stomach but nothing substantial (sp) so i've put it down to growing pain. everyone around me is very excited and oh is busy planning, i'm just terrified that it is all going to go away, or that something that will go wrong! birthday tomorrow so hoping to pick myself up and manage to get through the day without being sick i maybe even manage dinner out!
    take care
  4. Today I bought some travel bands and they seem to be helping with the sickness-I just have to remember to eat as hunger really brings on the sickness for me.
    I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so I can discuss dates I am still not convinced the 8th is right and think the 11/12 makes far more sense.
    She said she would talk to me about it tomorrow but as it is within one week she probably won't change it.
    Still no word for the bubs' dad who seems to have run away -so much for trust eh?
    Hope you feel better soon and Happy Birthday for tomorrow
  5. Hi
    im 7 + 1 - i think! o/h and i are very excited and ive my first midwife appointment next week. Completely exhausted all the time at the mo - couldnt even summon the energy to go shopping today as planned and ended up doing it all online lol - and had to fight the urge to start buying baby stuff - I know its still too early :) we decided to make the announcement to all our family and friends this week - a decision made due to the fact that we were about to burst otherwise and also to explain my sudden disappearing acts at a number of recent parties lol - and everyone is really pleased for us and really excited aswell! I havent told work yet (accept one close colleague) but thats a whole long story - and i think i'll leave that until sept / oct.
    so... this is a lovely idea - being able to go through this together! what will happen at this appointment with the midwife? will i have a scan or do they make another appointment for that at the hospital?
    also - this may already be common knowledge - but a friend of mine who recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl recommended the bounty website - apparently they send you out a great starter pack with lots of freebies like nappies etc near to your due date.
    look forward to sharing lots of stories with you x
    p.s. is it too early for me to be having cravings? i just can get enough of ice lollies at the mo!!! and usually at night!
  6. welcome, happyfriday, we told our family fairly early too as couldn't hide the excitement and as i've become more sick it has been impossible to see friends for lunch etc without explaining. will be great to share experiences with people. as far as midwife visit don't know as mine doesn't come till week 10, my scan is on 18th august so can't wait. i get starving at night especially at 2.00am, have taken to taking biscuits up to bed to get me through.
    heres to happy and safe pregnancy x
  7. my edd by dates is 8th of march too! although i think i am more likely 18th of march due to long pcos cycles! [​IMG]

    had a scan already and have another booked in for 8+4 then 11+6, all being well. very excited. and so glad of the timing! have been feeling pretty rotten with all day nausea and so glad it's the summer holidays!
  8. Hi,

    My EDD is 2nd March, and I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. I am annoyed because my first midwife appt is Fri 28th Aug - 13+4 since LMP. I really wanted to tell the Head prior to term starting, but this will not be possbile now as I don't want to do it prior to seeing midwife/having a scan.
    Other than the usual - nausea, aversions, wind - I've had a weird symptom lately. I'm getting pain in my lower abdomen when I sneeze, and last night I woke myself up taking an enormous breath (must've been dreaming!) and that caused the same pain. It's sharp, but subsides. Is this a sign of ligament stretching do you reckon?I did have a bad pain in my back this week and went to see the GP who said it's most likely the uterus lifting up causing the muscles to work very hard!
  9. I there with you on this one - When I sneeze, when I stand up, when I turn over in bed, all the muscles and joints have softened to allow for growth so its all grown pains. My hips started causing me jip a few weeks ago. Im nearly 12 weeks and Im starting to show quite a bit already so sleeping on my belly is out :( its tryingto find a new comfy sleep position that is causing my back and hips to ache I think.
  10. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Hi everyone! I'm really on the winter baby thread, but as with everyone here, I read all the threads!! congrats to all on your pregnancies - hope all goes well.
    I also get pain in my lower abdomen when I sneeze, and also when i'm moving around in bed - i find it quite unnerving as i'm a slightly neurotic pregnant woman until i get to the 12 week scan, but i'm sure everything is fine!! [​IMG] As you say, i just assume it is the uterus stretching.

  11. sunshinesarah

    sunshinesarah New commenter

    I am going to be brave and join you on here now. Am 5 weeks today so very early days. We found out last Friday and it was the most amazing feeling and a perfect gift as was our 1st wedding anniversary on the Sunday.
    Went to doctors yesterday gave me approx due date of 4th April. Doctor just filled out form for free perscriptions, gave me pregnancy magazines and leaflets and gave me perscription for 3 months supply of folic acid. Said that they sort out mid-wife and should here from them in a couple of weeks.
    <u>Symptoms:</u> sore breats, tiredness, drinking absolutely loads so going to toilet loads and get the shakes if do not eat regularly enough.
    How is everyone else doing on the symptom side? I am petrified of getting bad sickness, cannot deal with being sick, and cannot imagine how will cope and work having to run out of lessons and assembly to be sick.

  12. Hi Sarah,
    At 10+4, I feel I am managing my sickness much better now, by paying attention when I feel woozy and eating something, and I am not feeling so averse to fruit and veg as I was. Actually, I was never actually sick - just retching (sorry if TMI!) and nausea.
    My newest symptom is headaches! All day long. I have got some of those cool strips you stick to your forehead, which is blissful, but I look really silly! One doctor told me it was fine to take paracetamol before 12 wks but another said don't unless you're really desperate, so I'm trying to drug-free route!
    I am still very tired and sleepy long at night. but my back twinges have subsided for the time being.
    How is everyone else doing?
  13. Hi everyone
    I'm due 27th Feb (although i've been given dates a week before and a week after!) and would love to join you all on here, been sneaking around for a bit but hadn't dared post much until after my scan - when i could actually believe that i was definitely pregnant! I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow. Luckily i haven't had any sickness just tiredness, I'm so glad it's the holidays as i've been having an afternoon nap nearly everyday! I can't wait to go back to school and tell everyone. Feel quite guilty about going back to a new class when i'll only be teaching them for the first term or so.
    Good luck everyone, it's lovely we can share experiences - much to the relief of my other half!
  14. Im going to join now as we've told our two children (mainly due to feeling so sick and becoming a complete airhead!!!)
    Im due at the end of March, feel really sick and due to the weather dont wont to go out with my sea bands on. Its pretty constant i only get a break from it at lunch time.
    I als feel as though im walking through fog, thats really going to help once i get back to school.
    I know that its early days but in the evening i seem to balloon and feel like im about to explode. My eldest caught sight of me last night and was convinced that i must have my dates wrong.
  15. sunshinesarah

    sunshinesarah New commenter

    I keep having dreams about going back to work and how everyone will react. Am worried that people are going to judge me, only started at school in January and have a very tricky class this year (2 autistic children, 10 on I.E.P's, 1 epileptic, 3 challenging behaviour- of which have been excluded 5 times and that was when they were in reception. )
    I teach year 1. I have been told that I have to go on restraining course in septmber/october because the 3 boys get physically violent.
    I keep dreaming about it every night- am soooooooo woried about telling head teacher. Don't know how am going to get through the next 4 weeks till go back.
    I know I need to stop worrying about what others think but that is one of my downfalls. Is easier said than done.
    Was not worried about class I have got coming as knew I could handle it and I love a challenge, however, I am worried now that I am pregnant how I am going to cope.

  16. can I join this one too? I joined the winter one as I did not see a spring one. I think I am due on 27th march - my first midwife appointment is on thursday and I am so excited. This is the second time round for me, and still get worried even though I kind of know what to expect!
  17. Hi ladies!
    Can I join here too? My due date is 14th Feb but I haven't had my dating scan yet so that might change. Scan is on Monday and I am VERY NERVOUS! We opted not to have the NT scan as my husband is working away (not back till Monday) and the dates don't fit, plus I didn't want to hear any bad news by myself, so the Monday scan will be the first proof that there is something there!!! I'm crossing everything and hoping it is all ok, it seems like I've been waiting forever!
    Anyway, for those suffering from sickness etc, I found that mine started at about 5 weeks and carried on till about 10/11 weeks then improved dramatically so don't give up hope! For about 3 weeks I lived on weird combinations of salt and vinegar crisps and marmite, and couldn't even face water, but I'm almost back to normal now which is great!
    Looking forward to getting to know you all!
    Love Salleriano xxxxx
  18. Have decided to be brave and join you all on here as I've just got my BFP. According to ff I'm 4 weeks 3 days so am at the VERY early stage and really not sure how it's going to go. Not got midwife appointment till Sept so pretty much being left to it. Thought I'd have a bit more support or advice, but oh well. Here's to a sticky bean!
  19. sunshinesarah

    sunshinesarah New commenter

    Welcome Salleriano.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I know how you feel being nervous about scan. I am only 6+5 and I am already worried about going for scan and there being nothing there. I surrpose we have got many years ahead of us with this worrying.
    Touch wood I have not had any sickness yet, but it will be just my luck that it starts when I go back to work in September. I have just been very tired and had sore breasts and going to the toilet alot more.
    Went to gym and changed programme so I know now what I can and cannot do. Am going to keep up gym twice a week and swimming twice a week plus I do Ballroom and latin dancing once a week. Hopefully this will keep me fit and prepare me as much as possible the the D DAY.
    Hope everyone else is doing well, and are making the most of holidays.
    sarah x x
  20. hi all, haven't been on for a while, glad that our numbers are growing. well getting a bit scared now as have my scan on tuesday will be 11+2. sickness has died down, just being sick once in the morning for about 10 minutes (sorry tmi). feeling quiet fat now, as have been so sick and tired that haven't exercised for weeks, which is unlike me. am hoping to get back to the gym or at least go swimming.
    going on holiday next week and have a midwife visit so will be a busy week for me. Just want to get the scan over and check that there really is a baby in there.
    take care all x

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