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Spotting in 2nd trimester - worried :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Houstonwehaveaproblem, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Wondering if anyone can make me feel better so I can sleep. Just been to loo and there was some brown spotting. Not had any spotting since wk 5/6 and am now 17 + 4. few cramps but nothing awful. Sick with worry :( what should I do????
  2. Wondering if anyone can make me feel better so I can sleep. Just been to loo and there was some brown spotting. Not had any spotting since wk 5/6 and am now 17 + 4. few cramps but nothing awful. Sick with worry :( what should I do????
  3. Have you"done the deed" recently? Or anything else that may have irritated your cervix? That could be an explanation. Other than that, there is probably not a lot you can do tonight. If it gets worse in the night, go to a&e.
    It would be easy for me to say don't worry but I know you will. TRY to get some sleep, it is very likely to not be anything serious but you should go & get yourself checked out in the morning anyway.
    So sorry you have this worry to deal with - please let us know how you get on xxx
  4. Thanks for replying so quick genic, no sex or anything out of ordinary up there! Will a and e deal with something like that if I need to go tomorrow or do I call the midwife? Sundays a **** day for anything isn't it :( fingers crossed it'll have disappeared by tomorrow....
  5. Brown spotting isn't ususally serious but if it turns red or the cramps get worse then you should get it checked to be on the safe side. It might be worth you calling the midwife or nhs direct to get advice anyway, they usually act quick (in my experience). I had red spotting around 16 wks and they booked me in for a scan asap and it was my placenta lying low and they said baby had probably moved and hit the cervix. The cramps might just be because you're anxious after spotting.
    Even red spotting/bleeding is often not anything serious (worrying, yes) and is very common.
    I know how worrying it is and I feel for you and there's no point me saying don't worry but statistically it's more likely that everything is fine.
    All the best. Rest and take it easy over the next few days. X
  6. Cheers, that made me feel loads better last night :) seems to have stopped this morning...should i tell midqife monday do you think or shpuld i get in touch today?
  7. I would ring her today *just in case*.

    I hope you managed to get some sleep. How are you feeling? xx
  8. Morning. So glad it seems to have stopped. I think it would be worth ringing your midwife today ( if you haven't already) mainly because I think it will just make you feel better as she can offer you reassurance and she will probably advise you what to do (probably saying what to do if it turns red or you have more cramps) and she may book you for a scan. Definitely take it easy and hopefully they'll be no more spotting. X
  9. Cheers guys, have just been to labour ward (as its sunday) and heard a lovely loud heartbeat :) doctor going to ring tomorrow and get me a reassurance scan done, hopefully tomorrow. It may be replacing my 20wk one depending on what they can see. Feel much better and very tired after fretful nights sleep!
  10. Fantastic!!! [​IMG] Let us know how it goes. Will you find out the sex?
  11. What a relief!! Am so happy for you - now go get some sleeeeeeeep! xxxx
  12. Thanks, napping with a film on settee :) leaving sex as a surprise, crossing my fingers 1) everything is on and 2) I get an extra scan and still see baby in 2 weeks as well ;)
  13. Hi Houston. So glad you went and got checked out and that everything is going well! I would advise anybody who goes through a bleed or similar to go to the hospital to get checked out. Why sit and worry yourself? I had a little bleed at 28+3 and was advised to go to the delivery suite. I was a bit concerned that the staff would just think I was being an over anxious first time mum, but the midwives couldn't have been more lovely. They said I absolutely did the right thing by going in and it really put our minds at rest.

    Take care of yourself Houston x

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