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Spots at 33! What skincare products?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Milliemoo13, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Wow so many responses! This is a lovely thread with no nastiness like some others I've read!
    Joni I only use the boots range eye make up remover it's the only one that doesn't sting the skin around my eyes and I love I can buy 3 bottles of the stuff for about £3!
    I've been using the Nip and Fab glycolic fix range and so far so good! I've recently found out it's the sister brand to high end skin care range Rodial. It doesn't smell the best but it's working.
    I've also started derma rolling which looks like some ancient art of torture but I am seeing results.
    I'm loving hearing everyone's skincare routines and choices and picking up tips! Xx
  2. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    I'm pleased this thread is so friendly and helpful! If beauty, skin care and well being had been more popular in the 70s, I would have probably chosen a career involving that. I have thought about being a rep for one of the big companies who do "at home parties" but I know my enthusiasm would dry up!

    Cosmetics girls - cheap brands v expensive brands - I'll start! I stay well away from cheap mascaras as they flake into my eyes. My recent Estee Lauder binge saw me buying an eye friendly one but it still flakes if I put on 2 coats. Can anyone recommend a good waterproof one please? I have spent the most on Rimmel products over the years and I love the no-nonesense packaging, very little fragrance. Blusher I use No.7 glimmer/glitterey one in Rose (but if I put too much on I look like Shrek or the incredible hulk!!)
    Little is more - absolutely with this one!

    Home time now - happy evening!

    Joni x
  3. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    I love make up and I love to try new brands and mix high end and high street! I always have the job of doing my friends make up before a night out - I think I'd have thought about a career in it had I not chosen teaching.
    I use the Maybelline falsies mascara, mine isn't waterproof but there is a waterproof version.
    I'm seriously considering having my eyebrows microbladed - anyone had this done? I'm only holding back because of the price and if it's awful it's my face, no hiding
  4. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    I hadn't heard of microblading before but just Googled so now I know! My eyebrows are over plucked and sparse, for the last year I was filling them in with eye pencil, eye gel, eyeshadow and the waterproof Wunderbrow, you name it I tried it! I am a petite person and don't really like the full eyebrow as it didn't really suit me, so I now only pluck away straggling brows, with a thicker brow nearer my nose and a gradual taper to the brow end. I read somewhere that the thin brow is on its way back, so I'm waiting to be fashionable again lol!
    Just resurrected my cream blusher and I'm going to stay away from powerdered ones now, as with the ageing process, powder highlights the baby-soft hairs I have on my cheeks. Why do we have more hair where we don't want it and less hair where we DO want it? Oh to be a man and get away with a little chubbiness with hair growth from "all amounts of hair" to "none" and bald :rolleyes:

    Joni x
  5. ninabaines5

    ninabaines5 New commenter

    Love essential oils, too
  6. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    Eee! This could be me.
    My eyebrows are plucked to non-existence and fair...I think they have stopped growing really! I use pencil and then a firm brush and pale powder to dilute the pencil...it has to do as I don't know how else to tackle the problem! (Carefully arrange fringe also!)
    I remove all the baby-soft hair on face.

    As to spots and scarring... I have to be very careful with cleansing.I have recently found, 'Garnier Skin Active' Micellar Cleanser and it does work. I also use Witchazel products on my skin on troublesome areas at night to dry up any threatened break outs.

    I have found Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay-in place Powder makeup good to cover red marks/ small thread veins.
    Milliemoo13 likes this.
  7. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    As to neck area - I am using No 7 Protect and Perfect serum... I've seen an improvement but keeping the skin moisturised helps anyway. In fact moisturising skin is important -legs, arms, knees etc., etc
    What a performance!

    Back to eyebrows - my nightmare - I even considered a tattoo type procedure, only to see the results in someone else and very definitely - no way!
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  8. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

  9. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Of course!
  10. ATfan

    ATfan Star commenter

    Hi! I also have this problem and I'm 36 but have recently found 3 simple products which make all the difference:

    1. Diluted lemon juice (add a few drops to warm water (the juice in a bottle that you use on pancakes) and apply to your face with a cotton wool ball twice a day).
    2. Epsom salts (again add a small handful to warm water and apply to your face with a cotton wool ball twice a week. Rinse off immediately afterwards).
    3. Freederm spot redness reducing cream (it's in a small white tube. I use this to reduce the spots which are already there).

    in addition to the above, I also use the clinique anti blemish range (foaming face cleanser and the city block spf25 cream) to keep my face clean. It's definitely the above 3 which made the difference though.

    Hope this helps!
  11. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    Hi, I've used dilute lemon juice before and it worked but now prefer the Garnier Pure Active micellar cleansing water.
    Lemon juice is good for 'older' elbows or 'teacher elbow' - you know dry, dark itchy skin from elbows on the desk!

    Will look to see if we have any Epsom salts and give that a go as like to use natural remedies and need to stop using all dermatologically tested products... nearly there - I am using only one and I am looking for something to replace it that works for me.
    I stopped using lemon juice because I bought ready squeezed juice and there was a slight mouldy smell with it that I couldn't get on with!

    This works for me and I recommended it to my son and he uses it too.
  12. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Applying an acid like lemon juice directly to the skin will be far too intense. You might find that it reduces the spots, but it doesn't do anything for nourishment or the skin.

    I work in skincare now that I'm no longer teaching. The technology included in modern (good) skincare is extraordinary, and though people may be sceptical, there's a great deal of derma-science out there.

    When I suffered with adult acne, all the remedies (including prescribed ones) may have help get rid of the spots, but they did not GOOD for my skin, which was devoid of any goodness. I needed good products to make my skin look and feel healthy again.
  13. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    I use dermalogica stuff and have regular facials. I tend to dab a bit of freederm on spots and find it works wonders.
  14. ATfan

    ATfan Star commenter

    Hi thistledoo! Glad that you and your son find these remedies helpful too! Glad that you mentioned the garnier microcellular water as I use this as a make up remover as my skin does not feel clean when I use other products (including the wipes which are now apparently supposed to be bad for us all, anyway). If you don't have any epsom salts, you can buy them from any supermarket (you might see it labelled as bath salts or himalayan rock salts) or Holland and Barrett (which is where I buy mine from). I like the eco salts range because it lasts forever. I actually use the salts for pain relief as I have chronic nerve pain and muscles spams in my back and found out by accident that they can be used to treat acne as well. Double result!
    thistledoo likes this.
  15. ATfan

    ATfan Star commenter

    Hi Eva! I agree! :) That is why I only use a few drops of it in lots of water and I keep a very close eye on my skin. What I've found since using it is that my break outs are not as bad. They don't reduce my spots at all. I found the tip in one of my weekly women's magazines (apparently, it closes the pores). Of course, I also follow up with my usual products afterwards. Apologies, I forgot to put a disclaimer in my last post: The tips work for me but do consult with a skin specialist first if in any doubt, as this does not constitute medical advice as I am not a doctor or dermatologist.

    Btw, I found the same thing Eva, until I started using the clinique anti blemish range and diluted lemon juice. Can you recommend anything better, which is value for money?
  16. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I work for a fantastic skin care brand which id be happy to advise you about, with no obligation of course. I'm not here to sell but i joined company after using it myself for many years. We are British, cruelty free, paraben free and highly effective. Please send a private message if you'd like information. We are reputable and retail in spas around the country.
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  17. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    Hi all, am in similar position to the OP with my skin and wanted to add my tuppence worth after a skincare overhaul a few weeks ago.

    I spent an age researching what to do for the red scarring and spot prevention, and you know what, I seem to be improving a lot!
    I now no longer use a foam cleanser. It meant I had slightly oily skin for a week BUT now it is way more balanced and the oils haven't been stripped away. Make up sits better on me now too.

    So, instead I now use cream cleanser by Trilogy. Secondly, I researched into acids. I use either Pixi Glow Tonic or the aforementioned Nip&Fab Glycolic pads, the extreme ones. I also really like similar pads by Dr Dennis Gross, in fact even more so, but they are very pricey, so the Nip&Fab ones win it for me.

    Then, I use the Serozinc spray by La Roche Posay to help calm infected or sore areas.

    Following this, I use a hydrating serum- Vichy Aqualia Thermal plus the same moisturiser as before, which is one by Erborian.

    I read a lot of blogs etc, and the no foaming thing came from Caroline Hirons. I am not a fan of everything she says and does, but think as a general rule, her skincare regimes make sense and my skin has markedly improved in about 6 weeks.

    I have suffered with acne since I was 12 years old and am now 33. I have been on two courses of roaccutane, the last one finishing two years ago and I still have major issues. I figured anything was worth a shot. I have been on eve4ry time of medication possible for acne over the years, absolutely everything. There is no miracle sure out there for me it seems. But, I am really positive about this new regime and hope I have started to finally crack the combination my skin needs: gentle cleansing, hydration and no more harsh foams!
  18. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Catherine, it's great to hear that you've found a routine that's working for you. I've had a couple of course of roaccutane too, which is not a pleasant experience by any stretch!

    Foaming cleansers can be very harsh if they contain ingredients such as sulphates (which many cosmetics products to) to achieve that foam. A foaming cleanser I use (from the business I now work for) doesn't use sulphates to create the foam; it is created by the mechanism inside the pump action of the bottle. It's a lovely gentle cleanser and one I come back to time and again.

    Great ingredients to aid redness are liquorice (also desensitising) and chamomile. Both very gentle and settling ingredients.

    I originally found my skin care brand after my second round of Roaccutane. I'd tramped around all of the cosmetics counters and had always been disappointed with the range that was recommended to me. I'd spend a fortune and would get nowhere (my skin would still be lifeless, dry and flaky).

    Then a beauty therapist friend invited my for a 1:1 consultation. She talked me through the products, I was able to try everything on my skin before purchasing and I've been converted ever since. So now I'm using (and working for) a spa standard brand which is just wonderful. The products are so effective, and the brand ethos is amazing.

    It's so great when you find something that works for you!
  19. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    Yes, I also went to my beautician after I had started to investigate and she gave me a full facial and samples. She gave me the Dr Dennis Gross stuff, but as I said, that was a little expensive. She is a wonderful woman who has just started to offer facials. I know her from when she did my wedding make up for me and we have stayed in touch.

    I just made a photo collage of the difference in just 8 weeks and it is huge, I didn't realise! I won't post it on here as it is a little too personal as everyone can see my face in it's naked glory, but trust me, I was amazed.
  20. ATfan

    ATfan Star commenter

    Thanks. I'll do that :)

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