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sports fixtures, lunchtime and after-school clubs. do we stop doing them as part of industrial actoin?

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by eustace, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Do we refuse to take part in school sports fixtures, lunchtime and after-school clubs>? Is there any official guidance?
  2. there is a balance. My view used to be fixtures are the way forward, but now I have so many meetings for teaching and learning etc etc that I have very little time for clubs, fixtures, young family etc. I think the days of the old PE teacher just turning up for a game of football on the top field for an hour are long gone. And some kids arent interested in playing for the school (not at my school anyway). I love doing the fixtures and spending time with the students but cant be doing with the paper work, risk assessments, minibus tests, letters to inform parents, kids not allowed out of lessons, other schools letting you down last minute and kids not bothering to tell you they have a dentist appointment.
  3. Totally agree with that post Mike...
    I has a game arranged on Monday night against a fairly tough school compared to mine, and we turned up with 10 to play the game, because various kids had excuses even though they'd knew about it 2 weeks in advance when I organised it.
    The best excuse was, its my Grans birthday and we are going for tea when my dad gets in from work at 7pm.... I was home at 5:40pm and I have a 13 mile drive home these kids lived along the road.

    We are only a small school but findind enough players in each year group is hard to have a team and as for clubs if I get 10 attending a club am lucky..
  4. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    There comes a point, particularly attendance wise, that you have to say 'not doing it'.
    Either reassess what after school activity you are doing to try and get more people in (ie an activty that draws from all year groups and activities) or do something more profitable with your time.

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